Sex Terms Beginning with O

OOil-Based Lubricant – Onanism – Oral Sex – Orgasm – Orgy – Ovaries – Ovulation



Oil-Based Lubricant

A lubricant in which one or other form of oil is the major ingredient (base). Although it is incredibly smooth and some times stay wet almost endlessly, oil can irritate the vaginal tissue and it is dangerous to use with latex condoms, because it wears away the condom and may well cause it to tear. Examples of oil-based lubricants are mineral oils, body and hand lotions and Vaseline. More on Lubricants


A formal term for Masturbation. Taken from the biblical character Onan, in the Book of Genesis, who practiced Coitus Interuptus and thereby spilled sperm and angered God. This act was etiologically misinterpreted to refer to masturbation.

Oral Sex

A sexual act where one partner’s mouth is brought into contact with the other’s genital area, for the sake of sexual pleasure. There are two main kinds of oral sex: Fellatio is when a partner (female or male) uses their mouth to stimulate a man’s penis or testicles; cunnilingus is when a partner (male or female) uses their mouth to stimulate a woman’s vulva or clitoris. Oral sex can be highly arousing and often a certain way to bring a partner to orgasm, but it usually needs direction to understands people’s particular preferences and sensitivities.

STDs can be spread via oral sex to both partners and therefore it is recommended to use Dental Dams for cunnilingus and Condoms for fellatio with unchecked partners. Regular Lubricated Condoms can have a bitter taste, but there are flavoured condoms especially suited for oral sex.


The intense sensation of pleasure when a person reaches a sexual peak. Orgasms are a result of sudden release of tension in various pelvic muscles which triggers a powerful outflow of endorphins that provide a feeling of pleasure throughout the body. Men tend to orgasm at the same time as they ejaculate. These are two separate events, and in some cases even occur separately. For females, an orgasm typically takes longer to build up so some women do not receive enough stimulation to reach orgasm, and many females only experience orgasm after years of sexual activity. Women can orgasm easier from clitoral stimulation than from vaginal stimulation and some women can even orgasm from fantasy or massaging non-genital areas. Women also have the capacity to naturally experience Multiple Orgasm.


A sexual encounter with three or more people. Group sex. In some cults it serves as a communal ritual, but should never include minors or individuals who have not freely chosen to partake.


Two small, round organs which are part of a female reproductive system and that store the eggs. Girls are born with all of the eggs they will ever have. Around the time a girl begins to menstruate, one egg grows every month and leaves an ovary, generally one month the left ovary and the next month the right one. The ovaries also produce the female sex hormones which administer the menstrual cycle and prepare for pregnancy.


The reproductive process of the egg leaving the ovary. This usually happens about 14 days before a woman is going to get her period. The days before and immediately after ovulation are a woman’s fertile days, but knowing in advance exactly when they are to occur can be difficult, especially is her menstrual cycle is not completely regular or if she is under great mental or physical stress.

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