Sex Terms Beginning with N

NNatural Family Planning – Natural Membrane Condom – Necrophilia – Nocturnal Emission – Non-Lubricated Condom – Nonoxynol-9 – Nymphomania


Natural Family Planning

A method of contraception or pregnancy planning that relies on the use of hormone level indicators. Some women chart their temperature and cervical mucus changes on a daily chart, and thereby identify when ovulation occurs. Some women use home urine tests to follow their hormonal indicators. Whatever way they follow their bodily changes, they need to become highly aware of their cycles and thereby learn to locate the safe days on which they can have sex if they are trying to prevent pregnancy. If they are using Natural Family Planning to try to get pregnant, they want to plan to have sex at the most likely intervals and at the most ideal time around ovulation.

This method needs to be carefully studied and monitored. When practiced perfectly, it is 98% safe as a contraceptive method.

Natural Membrane Condom

A condom made from the skins or membranes of animals. It is not safe for HIV and STI protection because the microscopic pores in natural membrane are larger than those of latex, and therefore they may allow viruses and bacteria to pass through the condom, but not sperm. Therefore, it is safe to prevent pregnancy but not STIs.

More about Natural Membrane Condoms. 


The desire to have sex with dead people. This is considered a Paraphilia, or a sexual perversion.

Nocturnal Emission

When a male has an erotic dream and ejaculates in his sleep. It occurs often during adolescence and will happen more if he has a growing sex drive but does not masturbate and relief the sexual tension. It is a completely normal phenomenon. Also referred to as a Wet Dream.

Non-Lubricated Condom

A condom that is packaged without a lubricant. Dry latex condoms tend to feel like chalk, but natural membrane condoms can be smoother without lubricant. Without the wetness that helps the condom slide on, a condom is more difficult to wear, but it may be preferable when one partner produces a lot of natural lubrication or if someone is allergic or adverse to the lubrication used and wants to use their own lubricant. Non-lubricated is also preferable when performing oral sex if flavoured condoms are not used, because most lubricants have a bitter taste.

They are not safe for anal sex unless extra lubrication is used on the outside of the condom.


One of the more popular types of spermicide used to prevent pregnancy by killing sperm. It is available in its own dispenser, to be used with a Diaphragm or in addition to another form of contraception, but is not safe enough to be used as the sole form of contraception.

This spermicide is sometimes added to lubricants which are spread on lubricated condoms, but this is not necessarily more safe overall, because although it could give the condom better protection against pregnancy, Nonoxynol-9 actually increases the chances of HIV infection.

It should not be used as a spermicide unless you are sure that your partner and yourself are HIV-free.


Derogatory term for a woman’s state of being when she has a very high sexual appetite, is sexually obsessed or has sex with many partners. Being referred to as a nymphomaniac is generally regarded as sexist, because there is no special term for a man with a hefty sex drive. In fact there is no such thing as a “normal” sex drive and therefore there is no way of defining what is too much, unless sex gets in the way of a person’s normal functioning.

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