Sex Terms Beginning with M

MMaidenhead – Masochism – Masturbation – Menage á Trois – Menarche – Menopause – Menstrual Cycle – Menstruation – Multiple Orgasm



The Hymen. It also refers to a female’s virginity, or to someone still being a virgin.


The consensual acceptance of pain as part of a sexual act. Masochism is one of the elements of BDSM.


The sexual act of gaining pleasure, relief or simply relaxing by touching one’s own genitals. This can continue with or without climax. Masturbation is normal and it is a healthy part of learning to know one’s own, and even one’s partner’s sexual response. More on Masturbation

Menage á Trois

A French term for a sex act between three people, with different combinations of males and females or all of one sex. Also called a Threesome.


The beginning of menstruation for a girl, or the first time she has a menstrual period. On average it occurs around age 12 but it is normal from age 9 to 16, depending on her nutritional state, the amount of activity she does and her genetic predisposition. A girl can become pregnant after she begins to have menstrual periods and rarely even before her first bleeding, once Ovulation has occurred.


The time in a woman’s life when she completely stops menstruating and thereby ceases to be fertile. The average age that this happens is at age 51, though it usually occurs over a number of years between age 45-55. Menopause brings about many hormonal changes including a drop in estrogen and may demand that a woman begins using extra lubrication during sex to make up for dryness that is typical of menopause.

Menstrual Cycle

This is the time period that begins on the first day of a period and lasts until the first day of the next one. It is often referred to as a 28-day cycle, but 28 days is average and it is normal and healthy to have longer, shorter and even inconsistent cycles.

The cycle includes an average of 4-5 days of bleeding, ovulation and if there is no pregnancy, then preparation of the body towards the next menstrual bleeding.

The menstrual cycle is directed by a combination of female hormones – estrogen and progesterone.


The days of a girl or woman’s Menstrual Cycle during which she bleeds. This normally lasts between 3-6 days, and longer or shorter periods can be an indication of some health condition that would be worth checking out, especially if a woman is interested in getting pregnant.

Menstruation is a sign of good health and fertility. When it disappears it is usually an indication of pregnancy, heavy stress or some other health problem.

Also referred to as “the period”, it has earned many offensive names like “the rag”, “the curse” and other names that suggest that a female is unhygienic, offensive or unfeminine during menstruation.

Multiple Orgasm

A female capacity to experience more than one orgasm in a single sex session, because stimulation is continued after her orgasm. Theoretically, all women have the potential for such orgasmic strings. Some men claim that men can also learn to experience multiple orgasms but these are actually extended single orgasms. Also called Multiple Climax. More on Multiple Orgasm

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