Sex Terms Beginning with L

LLabia – Lambskin Condom – Latex – Lesbian – Levitra – Libido – Lingam – Lipstick Lesbian – Love – Lubricant – Lubricated Condom – Lust



The inner and outer folds of flesh that surround and protect the entrance of the vagina. The outer labia (labia majora) are fleshier than the thinner inner labia (labia minora). Both sets, especially the inner labia, which often protrude, are usually asymmetrical. Labia are also known as the Vaginal Lips.

Lambskin Condom

A specific type of natural membrane condom. Despite the somewhat euphemistic name, they are not made of skin of lamb, but rather of membrane taken from sheep’s’ intestines. They are good at preventing pregnancy, but do not protect either partner from STIs, due to their microscopic pores. See Natural Membrane Condoms.


A thin and strong form of rubber used to make condoms, medical gloves and other products. A good quality latex condom provides a very high level of protection against pregnancy and STIs. The main reason for latex failure is tearing, which is generally a result of sharp nails, teeth scratches, or incorrect fitting. Using a lubricant helps fit latex condoms with ease, but oil-based lubricants or oils will deteriorate the quality of the latex and increase the risk of breakage.


A female who is emotionally and sexually attracted to other women; a gay woman. There are some women who identify as lesbians although they may be bisexual or undefined in terms of their sexual orientation, because they consider lesbianism to be a political definition and not a sexual one.

Levitra (Vardenafil)

An erectile dysfunction drug which acts similarly to Viagra. It is produced by Bayer and came onto the market in 2005.


See Desire.


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