Sex Terms Beginning with K

KKegel Exercises – Kinky – Kiss – KY Jelly (oops, we’ve run out of terms beginning with “K”)



Kegel Exercises

Contraction and relaxation exercises done to build up the strength and tone of the pelvic floor muscle. Not only do they protect a woman from incontinence in later life when her pelvic muscles get weaker, but they also help during childbirth and also during sex, where they can help her achieve orgasm during vaginal sex and provide her partner with extra stimulation. More on Kegel Exercises


Sexual activity that is outside of the plain and ordinary, however someone may define that. Some would consider it to be naughty or exotic sex because it often involves using use of equipment, toys, sexy or erotic clothing and other paraphernalia. Sometimes used as a vague term for BDSM. More on Kinky Sex


Touching someone or something with one’s lips. A kiss can be as casual as an mark of greeting, or it can be an intimate form of contact and communication. It can include anything from a light touch of the kisser’s on someone’s hand, cheek, lips or other body part, or it can be a more intense expression that involves use of the tongue as well as the lips.

KY Jelly

One of the original brands of a sexual lubricants. It used to come as a thick water-based gel, but is now available in various forms, in keeping up with the wide range of competitors and improvements in the lubricant market. Despite being used internally for women, it is available over the counter from pharmacies or general stores.

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