Sex Terms Beginning with G

GG-Spot – Gay – Gender – Genital Herpes – Genitals – Give Head – Glans – Go Down – Golden Shower – Gonorrhea – Groin




Named after its discoverer, Dr. Grafenberg, this is an area in the upper wall of the vagina supposed to be especially pleasurable when stimulated. A reignited obsession with the G-spot since the 1980′s has incorrectly led many women to believe that this is the ultimate sensual spot for female orgasm. While many women claim powerful G-Spot orgasms and sometimes related Female Ejaculation, many other women have highly satisfying orgasms without involvement of this area.


Homosexual or sexually oriented to one’s own gender. Although the term includes males and females, it is usually used when referring to males, whereas homosexual females are referred to as Lesbian.


Female, male, transgender or intersex. The term is often used interchangeably with Sex, but this is not necessarily correct; whereas Sex refers to the biological state, based on a person’s chromosomal matter, Gender takes into consideration a person’s gender identity, or the way that they experience their sex. This could be opposite to their birth state (male/female) or it could be somewhere between female and male, suggesting that gender is not polar, but falls on a continuum.

Genital Herpes

See Herpes.


The visible and internal sex organs. For a female this is the Vulva, Vagina and internal Reproductive Organs and for a male it is the Penis, Testicles and internal glands. Also called “the private parts”.

Give Head

Slang expression for giving oral sex, usually referring to fellatio or oral sex performed on a man. Receiving oral sex would be then referred to as Getting Head. 


The medical term for the smooth tip or head of a male’s penis (glans penis) and a woman’s clitoris (clitoral glans).

Go Down

Perform Oral Sex on either a female or a male. The full expression is to Go Down On [the subject].

Golden Shower

Urinating on a partner consensually, as part of a sexual act. Also called Watersports.


A sexually transmitted disease, caused by the gonococcus bacteria, that causes painful urination, swollen testicles, anal soreness, vaginal bleeding and pussy discharge. Although not everyone experiences initial symptoms, it can still cause complications. If untreated, it goes on to cause infection in much of the reproductive system and infertility. It is highly infectious, entering the body through the genitals, anus, eyes and the throat but is easily treatable with antibiotics, once diagnosed. Also called (in slang) the Clap.


The anatomical term for the part of the body where the upper thigh meets the lower belly or abdomen. This is often used as a euphemism to indicate the area of the genitals.

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