Sex Terms Beginning with F

FFantasy – Feces – Felching – Fellatio – Female Condom – Female Ejaculation – Femidom – Fertile – Fertilization – Fetish – Fingering – Fisting – Flaccid – Fondle – Foreskin – Four Letter Words – French Kissing – Frigid – Frottage – Fuck



A dream or scenario that someone comes up with because it excites them or they hope to one day fulfill. Sexual fantasies are sometimes used to increase a person’s pleasure during sex or to accompany them during masturbation. Some people have fantasies that they act out, whereas other fantasies are neither practical nor legal, so people just think of them for arousal, without ever expecting to enact them.


The body’s solid waste excreted from the anus. When feces are used during sex play, this is called Coprophilia and nicknamed Scat Play. Sometimes it is spelled Faeces.


The sexual act of sucking up ejaculate from a person’s vagina or anus with one’s mouth soon after having ejaculated. Sometimes it involves just two people, but can involve more. While felching is a high risk sexual act, it can be done safely by using a Female Condom (femidom).


A form of oral sex, when a person uses his or her mouth to sexually pleasure his or her partner’s penis. Because the mouth and tongue are so pliable and can produce strong pressure, this can be very arousing and lead to powerful orgasm, when both parties are comfortable doing it. Incorrectly done, it can leave the active partner with mouth discomfort.

Although considered a safe form of sex from the pregnancy perspective, fellatio can spread HIV and other STIs, especially when the mouth comes in contact with semen or pre-seminal fluid (pre-cum). Safe fellatio involves using a non-lubricated latex condom; flavoured condoms are also available for this purpose. Also called a Blow Job or Going Down.

Female Condom (FC)

The female condom is a bag-shaped sheath of latex, designed to be worn by women for protection from pregnancy and Stis. It is made of polyurethane which is thinner and more sensitive than latex, and causes fewer allergic reactions. The female condom is placed in the vagina for one-time use. It has an inner ring which is held in place around the cervix area and an outer ring which covers and protects the vulva. It can also be used for anal sex, in which case the inner ring is removed. Like a diaphragm, a female condom can be put in place hours before it is needed, which is an advantage over the male condom. Another advantage is that it is under the control of the female, meaning she doesn’t need to negotiate her own protection with her partner. The female condom was initially marketed under the name Femidom. 

Female Ejaculation

When a woman has a vaginal orgasm and expels fluid from her genitals. For a very small number of women this occurs naturally, while for others it results from learning to apply heavy stimulation to the G-spot area. Female ejaculation remains a controversial concept, some people suggesting that this is nothing more than a form of urination that is causes by dramatic stimulation of a gland lining the vagina, which occurs after or during a vaginal orgasm.

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See Female Condom


Capable of becoming pregnant or for a man, of making a woman pregnant. For women, being fertile can refer to the days of her cycle in which she is able to conceive, or the years between the start of menstruation and menopause, or it can mean a woman who does not have problems conceiving.


The joining of a man’s sperm cell and a woman’s egg cell. If the fertilized egg attaches itself to the inside of the uterus, pregnancy has begun.


Sexual attraction to an object or an activity that is not typically sexual in nature, or to a part of person at the expense of the whole. Two of the most common fetishes include shoes and feet. The term is sometimes also used as a synonym for BDSM or kinky sex.


Using a finger or a few fingers to stimulate a partner’s vagina, clitoris or anus. It can be done to increase a person’s arousal and cause a woman to lubricate before penetration, or it can be a complete act in and of itself, which brings a person to orgasm.


A sexual act of entering much of the hand, or the entire hand, into the vagina or anus. This can only be accomplished by slow stretching of these muscles over time, and only is pleasurable when the receptive partner is relaxed enough to allow this extreme stimulation without tightening up their muscles.


The state of the penis when it is unaroused and soft. When flaccid, penises look very different from one another and come in a large variety of sizes. Once they are erect, the sizes tend to become less divergent, with men who are smaller when flaccid growing more than men who are longer or thicker when flaccid. Men can enjoy sexual play and sensation on a penis while it is flaccid, which is both before arousal and after orgasm, as well as at any other time for men who have some form of Erectile Dysfunction.


To touch or caress someone, especially on and around the breasts and genitals. The term often refers to unwanted or uninvited touching.


The loose layer of skin that covers the tip of the penis on uncircumcised men. During circumcision this skin is cut away, leaving the end of the penis permanently exposed. Men with a foreskin can use this layer to help them masturbate without lubrication, because it slips so easily over the erect penis. Whether erect or flaccid, the foreskin gives the penis a different appearance.

Four Letter Words

A group of words with sexual connotations or related to bodily functions, which are considered dirty and unsavory. By chance, many of these words have four letters, thereby making the term four letter words a synonym for swear words. Some of the words in this category are: crap, cunt, dick, fuck, shit.

French Kissing

A very sensual kiss in which both people open their mouths and bring their tongues into contact with the other’s. The tongue touching can be either very light or deep and penetrating.


A term used to describe a woman who is averse to sex and sensuality or unable to reach orgasm. It has been misused by men to put down women who have not responded to their sexual advances or who have not reached orgasm in the way that they expected. Frigidity suggesting that such women are cold and incapable of sexual enjoyment, when in fact many such women are not sufficiently aroused or merely disinterested in the particular attempt.


Body rubbing between sexual partners as part of sex play. It involves no penetration and is therefore less risky. It is also know as “dry-humping”.


To have sexual intercourse. Some people understand the term to mean vaginal and anal sex, whereas others include all forms of oral and manual sex. Fuck can also be used as a noun, an adjective, an adverb, an exclamation and the base of many many more expressions in both positive and negative senses.

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