Sex Terms Beginning with E

EEctopic Pregnancy – ED – Egg – Ejaculation – Embryo – Enema – Erectile Dysfunction – Erection – Erotic – Erotica



Ectopic Pregnancy

Pregnancy that happens outside the uterus, such as pregnancy occurring in the fallopian tube. It is dangerous and can cause infertility if not terminated and cleared out as soon as possible. An ectopic pregnancy causes pain and can easily be seen on an ultrasound.


See Erectile Dysfunction.


The basic sex cell of the female. Girls are born with billions of eggs but after puberty, one egg (sometimes more which can result in multiple births) is prepared and made fertile each month during ovulation. If at this fertile stage, the egg meets with sperm, conception occurs. Hormonal contraceptives like the pill work by tricking the body into believing that it is already pregnant and therefore not releasing a fertile egg.


The release of semen from the male penis. This usually happens around the same time as he experiences orgasm, but these are two separate incidents, and therefore some men can experience one without the other. The material that is released is called ejaculate, and usually measures between a teaspoon and a tablespoon each time. Many tens to hundreds of million sperm come out with each ejaculation. Although ejaculation usually follows active stimulation, such as penetrative sex or masturbation, it is also a common result of erotic dreams, especially in younger guys, known as a wet dream. Read more on Ejaculate


A very early stage of conception, which occurs when a zygote grows to a certain size and sticks itself to the inside of the uterus. The embryo stage lasts until about eight weeks after fertilization, after which it becomes known as a fetus.


Warm water or a diuretic material that is introduced into the anus to clear out the contents of the bowels. Water enemas involve a long tube and a plastic reservoir, whereas pharmaceutical enemas are waxy suppositories. Enemas used to be commonly used on women going into labour for childbirth, because it was thought that they reduced infection, but this is no longer believed to be true.

Some people use water enemas in anal sex play. In order to avoid spreading bacteria, they should never be shared.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

The inability to get or sustain an erection. In the past it was more commonly referred to as Impotence.


When blood enters the penis making it stiff and enlarged. This is usually a result of mental or tactile sexual arousal, but it can also happen when men are touched in a certain way, even if they are not aroused (for example when a man is being raped).

Usually men need to be erect in order to reach orgasm, but in some cases a man can reach orgasm with a great deal of stimulation, even if he does not have an erection.


Sexually exciting or arousing, without being exceptionally vivid.


Sexually exciting stories, movies, drawings, photos, etc. Usually used in a positive sense, especially to describe materials that are clearly intended for arousal purposes but are not hardcore or blatant enough to qualify as pornography.

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