Sex Terms Beginning with D

DDeep Throat – Deflower – Dental Dam – Desire – Diaphragm – Dick – Dildo – Discharge – Docking – Doggy Style – Dominatrix – Double Penetration – Douching – Drag King – Drag Queen


Deep Throat

Oral sex on a man (Fellatio) in which the mouth is positioned to allow the penis to enter deeply, up to and into the throat. It may be very erotic for the passive partner, but the active partner needs to do so willingly and carefully or it will cause a choking reflex and be uncontrollable for person performing the deep throating.


When a male has intercourse with a female who has never previously had vaginal penetrative sex. These terms suggest the sexual double standard which holds that there is a special value to a woman or girl’s virginity and that she will never be complete after losing her virginity. It is also referred to as Devirginize.

Dental Dam

A square sheath of latex or non-latex protective material that covers the vulva or anus for STI protection during oral sex. The sheath is held in place across the vulva or anal entrance so that there is no direct contact between this area and the mouth of the other partner.

Desire (Sexual)

The will to act sexually. It can be triggered by internal sexual need or by an external object that incites excitement. Desire is triggered by hormones and therefore women’s desire tends to change over the monthly cycle and during life changes, while men’s desire tends to be more stable with a slow reduction with age. Freud referred to desire as Libido.


A soft, rubber cup that is inserted into the vagina and once in place, it covers the cervix. It is used with spermicidal cream or jelly, to increase its protection. When properly used, it offers 92- 96% protection from unwanted pregnancy, which is lower than that provided by the hormonal methods or condoms. A doctor must fit a woman’s diaphragm, according to the measures of her vagina. A diaphragm does not protect against STIs. One of its advantages is that it can be put in place hours before sex and therefore does not necessitate placement during sex, as a condom does.


A slang term for a penis, and sometimes also used to refer to an arrogant male.


A sex toy intended for vaginal or anal penetration. Sometimes they are designed to look similar to a penis, but many are phallic-shaped without looking anatomical. Dildos have been used for thousands of years; people used bone, clay and natural phallic objects. Today, simple dildos tend to be made of rubber or hard plastic, while high-range dildos are usually made of silicone or glass.


Fluid matter that seeps out of the vagina, penis or anus, other than digestive material or ejaculate. Some discharge is natural and is even a sign that the body is functioning properly, such as menstrual discharge or cervical discharge. When discharge has an unusual colour, a pungent smell, an chunky texture or causes discomfort, it could be a sign of infection, which probably needs medical attention. The causes could include spontaneous infection like a Yeast Infection or a highly contagious STI, which demand different responses.


A sexual act of partial penetration by placing a penis in a partner’s skin folds. The heterosexual version involves placing a penis inside the clitoral hood. The homosexual involves placing the penis in the raised foreskin of his partner. The receptive partner needs to be uncircumcised and semi-hard or even completely soft for this to work. Docking can be done safely if the penetrating partner wears a condom.

Doggy Style

A sexual position in which a woman kneels on all four and a man enters her vagina from behind. This position allows for deeper penetration and gives the male the ability to watch himself penetrating.


A dominant participant, in a Sado-Masochistic session or in a bondage scene. This term usually refers to a woman who tends to always take on this task. There is a wide selection of clothing and paraphernalia used to reinforce the strict, disciplinarian nature of this position. The term Domme is also used for short.

Double Penetration

A sexual act in which a woman is simultaneously penetrated vaginally and anally. This is usually done during sex when a plug or dildo is used in addition to a partner’s penis, or it can be done by using a double dildo, or two sex toys. A more complicated way is during a threesome when two men penetrate a woman at the same time; this is usually a dangerous act.


Washing the inside of the vagina and the cervix, either with water, soap or other concoctions. There are many myths about douching being an effective way to prevent pregnancy or kill sexually transmitted infections and about douching being a part of female hygiene. All these ideas are inaccurate, because the vagina self-cleanses by keeping a balance of natural flora and moisture, which douching disturbs. Furthermore, wiping the vaginal tissue after sex can increase the chances of infection.

Drag King

A woman who dressed up as a man for a stage show. The dressing tends to be highly macho-stereotyped and usually goes along with mouthing male songs and movements. Drag Kings are a phenomenon of lesbian culture, which were taken from the idea of Drag Queens and meant to delineate and question stereotypes on masculinity and femininity.

Drag Queen

A man who dressed up as a woman for a stage show. The dressing tends to be highly exaggerated and usually goes along with mouthing songs of female divas. Drag queens are a phenomenon of gay male culture, meant to undermine gender and male behaviour codes.

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