Sex Terms Beginning with C

CCaress – Castrate- Casual Contact – Celibate – Cervix – Chancre – Chastity – Chlamydia – Cialis – Circumcised – Clap – Clean – Climax – Clitoris – Cock – Cock Ring – Coitus – Coitus Interuptus – Come – Come Out of the Closet – Condom – Confidential Testing – Contraception – Contraceptive Implant – Contraceptive Patch – Copulate – Cuckold – Cum – Cunnilingus – Cunt – Cybersex


An act of touch which is intended to sooth, seduce or show affection to the recipient. A person can be caressed with a a part of the body like a hand or lips, or with a delicate object like a feather or textile.


To purposefully destroy the virility of a person or animal, by cutting off their sex hormone production.

In males this involves removal of the testicles, so that testosterone production is cut off and the male becomes sexually dysfunctional and less violent. Rapists can be castrated by medicines that lower testosterone levels. This is reversible and known as Chemical Castration.

In females it involves surgical removal of the ovaries. This procedure is known as an Oophorectomy.

Casual Contact

Everyday contact with other people that are not considered sexual in a particular context. In a secular, Western environment this may include shaking or holding hands, touching non-sexual areas, hugging and kissing on the cheek. Sexually transmitted diseases cannot be transmitted by casual contact.


Not having sex, whether out of choice or circumstance, for an undefined amount of time. Some people consider celibacy to include penetrative sex only, while others might include oral sex, non-genital intimacy and masturbation. It is also called Abstinence.


The lower part of the uterus, also called the neck of the cervix. It looks and feels like a small, soft, rubber ring, but changes in feel at different times during a woman’s cycle. It has a tiny opening into the vagina that opens slightly to allow menstrual bleeding. The hole cannot be penetrated from the vagina inwards by large objects, unless great force is used, but it does allow sperm to enter as well as bacteria or viruses that can cause STIs.

Under the influence of hormones and pushing of the baby, it opens during childbirth. More on the cervix.


A sore that appears on the spot where syphilis infection enters the body, which is somewhere on the genitals. For women, a chancre is usually not sore, and sometimes hidden from sight, which is especially dangerous because it allows an infection to go unnoticed and to spread through the body. In men, it can be very painful and is easily identifiable as a sign of recent syphilitic infection.


A code of behaviour involving distancing oneself from sexual gratification, which often comes along with a moral code that prizes it. It can include abstaining from sexual acts as well as sexual thoughts and discussion. Chastity is most often promoted as part of religious or cultural codes in which sexuality is not highly regarded or considered a basic human need. Instead of teaching people to control their sexual impulses, such codes prefer to remove all forms of sexual temptation and action.

In Christian doctrine, chastity is one of seven virtues, placed opposite lust, which is considered a deadly sin.


A sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by the bacterium chlamydia trachomatis. In many countries, including the UK, it is currently the most common STI being diagnosed. It is easily transmitted during unprotected penetrative vaginal, anal or oral sex through sexual fluids.

Chlamydia usually has no external symptoms in women but in men sometimes caused discharge from the penis. It is dangerous because if it goes untreated for a period of years, it will damage a woman’s reproductive system.

It is simple to diagnose with a laboratory test and can be cured with a short course of antibiotics.

Cialis (tadalafil)

A prescription medication for erectile dysfunction, which was approved for use in 2003. It is sometimes seen as the new generation of Viagra, because a single dose is effective for a full 36 hour period (compared to 4 hours for Viagra), which has earned it the nickname “the weekend pill”.


When the tip of the foreskin of the penis is cut off, which changes the look and in part the feel of the penis. It takes place in a simple operation, usually soon after a boy is born. Circumcision can be done on older boys or men, but would then generally involve an anesthetic and a more painful recovery. A circumcised man will tend to need lubricant for masturbation while an uncircumcised man can masturbate using the foreskin.

Today many HIV researchers believe that circumcision may reduce the rate of HIV and STI infection.


A nickname for Gonorrhea. It is usually used in the phrase “the clap”. The expression allegedly comes from the time of the US Civil War, from the sound that would be made when a soldier would burst the pussy sore on his penis caused by gonorrhea, by banging the butt of his rifle against it.


Not having a sexually transmitted disease or infection, especially HIV. This can be indicated after receiving a negative lab test, but due to the Window Period, tests cannot always be completely accurate; being clean for HIV, for example, would mean that a person has tested negative and has not had any potential expose to the virus in the 3 months prior to being tested, nor since being tested.


See Orgasm.


Part of the female genitalia, this is the pea-sized organ that lies at the top of the lips of the vulva. This small round knob is covered by a retractable hood, and grows in size and sensitivity when sexually aroused. It is the most sensitive part of the female body and provides the vast majority of female orgasms when correctly stimulated.


A slang word for Penis.

Cock Ring

A ring or band placed around the base of the penis, and sometimes also the testicles, to increase the erection and orgasm potential or the wearer. It is put in place while the penis is erect or semi-erect. After the penis becomes fully erect, the ring limits blood flow out of the penis, leading to a prolonged erection. Safe use of a cock ring involves limiting its time use and following basic guidelines.

Cock rings are often made of flexible material but can also be of leather as part of BDSM play.


Sexual intercourse between a male and a female, where the penis enters the vagina. It can take place in any of the many possible positions.

Coitus Interuptus

When intercourse is stopped before the male ejaculates, usually as soon as he feels he is about to ejaculate. This is a very old form of birth control, intended to reduce the chances of semen entering the female partner, but it is a notoriously ineffective method and prone to mistaken timing.

STIs can be spread during Coitus Interuptus, when it is done without use of a condom, even if the male ejaculates outside of the vagina.

It is also known as Pulling Out Early.


Another word for Orgasm or Ejaculate. This is sometimes spelled Cum.

Come Out of the Closet

Commonly referred to as “coming out”, this describes the usually voluntary public revealing of a person’s homosexuality. Being “out” is considered the opposite of being “closeted” in which a gay man, lesbian, or transgender keeps their sexual orientation or gender identity secret from some or all of their family, friends or associated. Being “outed” refers to someone else disclosing a person’s LGBT orientation before they are do so themselves. Many people use therapy or support groups to assist them in going through the difficult process of coming out of the closet.


A fitted barrier warn on the genitals for the purpose of Safer Sex. Traditional condoms, or male condoms, are structured according to the penis and come in different sizes, shapes, tastes and colours and are also available with special features such as spermicide, desensitizing additive, ribs, studs, and more. More recently, Female Condoms have been designed to fit into the vagina and offer the benefits of a condom, but under the female’s control. The wide range of available male condoms are made of latex, natural membrane, polyurethane or other flexible materials, whereas Female Condoms, which are less easily available, are made of polyurethane. More on Condoms

Confidential Testing

Blood or other lab tests for HIV or another STI, where great discretion is displayed. A person being being tested has to provide identifying information to the staff of the testing facility. The results are given only to the individual her or his self. However, if the test comes back positive, other health care personnel may be informed in order to try to arrange for retesting and treatment.


A deliberate practice or ongoing system meant to prevent pregnancy in a sexually active person. Included in the medically approved forms of contraception are various hormonal methods (the oral contraceptive (the Pill), the hormone Injection, hormonal Implant, IUS and the contraceptive Patch), various barrier methods (Diaphragm, Condom – male and female, Sponge, Dental Dam), the IUD and Sterilization (Vasectomy, tube tyeing, other sterilization). There are various non-medical Natural Family Planning methods, which are usually less safe, unless practiced with a high level of understanding of female physiology.

Contraceptive Implant

Pieces of tube placed by a doctor under a woman’s skin on the inner upper arm. The implants release progestogen, which gets into the bloodstream and acts just as oral contraception does, giving off a daily low dose of hormones. Implants last up to 3 years, but can be removed at any point before the end of that period, if wanted.

They cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be felt below the surface of the skin. They are in no way painful, once inserted, which is done under local anaesthetic and without stitches.

Implants are over 99% effective, and provide consistent protection because unlike the pill, they work automatically.

Contraceptive Patch

A small, thin, beige coloured patch which a woman sticks on her skin and it releases estrogen and progestogen into the bloodstream. These are the same hormones found in the combined pill. Each patch lasts 7 days and three are used consecutively for 21 days followed by a 7 day break. The patch is over 99% effective if used and replaced properly and in a timely fashion. , because it gives off hormones automatically in low dosage.


A formal way of saying engage in sexual intercourse”.


A man whose wife commits adultery with another man. The original reference is to a man who is weak and humiliated by her action, perhaps even being unaware and laughed at behind his back.

Cuckoldry has more recently taken on a meaning of an unconcealed and consensual act of a married women having sex with other men as part of an open relationship.


Another word for Semen or male ejaculate.


Oral sex involving a person using his or her mouth to sexually pleasure a female partner’s genitals. It involves using lips and tongue to stroke and suck the vulva. STIs can be transferred through cunnilingus, although it is the least common form in which STIs are spread through genital sex. Performing safe cunnilingus involves using a Dental Dam or a sheath between the mouth and the vulva. It is also referred to as Going Down or Eating Her Out.


A harsh, often offensive term used to refer to the Vagina. Some feminists choose to use this word to speak positively of the vagina, as an act of empowerment and retaking control over the female body.


Having sex over the Internet. Usually refers to erotic chatting or webcam viewing via the computer while one or both of the parties is masturbating. It can also be done by having one partner manipulate the other partner’s vibrator through the internet. It is considered to be safe sex.


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