Sex Terms Beginning with B

BBacterial Vaginosis – Bareback – Barrier – BDSM – Bestiality – Bi-Curious – Birth Control – Bisexual - Blueballs – Blowjob – Bondage – Boner – Brothel – Buggery – Butch – Butt Plug – Buttocks

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

A vaginal infection which is painful and causes discharge but is not passed on during sex (not an STD). BV is an overgrowth of normal bacteria in the vagina, so it can be treated by antibiotics and creams. Douching does not help but actually worsens the condition.


Sex without a condom. The term generally refers to anal sex and does not necessarily mean a single unsafe act, but rather Barebacking implies a deliberate choice of having unsafe sex for the pleasure of being wild and dangerous.


A condom, a diaphragm or another material that acts as a sheath between sexual partners. Some barriers protect only against unwanted pregnancy because they can control semen but not bacteria or viruses, which are much smaller. A proper barrier, such as a male or female condom or a dental dam, will protect against conception and STIs with maximal, if not perfect, effectiveness.


The abbreviation for Bondage, Discipline/Dominance, Sadism and Masochism. It is an inclusive term for a broad array of sexual practices, especially involving restraint, inflicting pain and use of equipment and attire. Properly practiced, BDSM is always fully consensual and provides sexual pleasure and outlet, by taking the body to physical limits, but also by allowing for the relinquishment of control or standard tasks, which then allows freer sexual expression.

It is also known as Kinky Sex.


Sexual interest or sexual acts that involve animals. It is an abuse of animal rights and a moral injustice because all sexual acts should be based on freely given consent. It brings along the danger of spreading diseases between species and causing pain to the animals, who are not physically built for such acts. Also called Zoophilia.


A person who is interested in investigating a relationship or embarking on a sexual experience with another person of their own sex. They do not identify at the time as either gay or bisexual, but may in time adapt their orientation. At the bi-curious stage, they would typically be interested in gaining more same-sex sexual experience (or perhaps heterosexual experience if they are declared homosexuals, feeling drawn to a straight relationship) in order to make up their minds on their sexual orientation. This is also sometimes referred to as homoflexible and heteroflexible.

Birth Control

Another term for Contraception or the Prevention of Pregnancy.


A person who is attracted to and able to have sexual contact with females and males. Some homosexuals do not believe that bisexuality really exists, but rather is a stage of transition between heterosexuality and homosexuality or visa versa. Bisexuals who do not wish to choose between one of the two orientations, consider this to be narrow minded, because according to them, orientation is not polar but falls on a continuum. More on Bisexuality


A state of pain or discomfort caused by engorgement of the penis at the height of sexual desire and felt in the testicle area. It comes in the expectation of relief, which is not achieved because sex or ejaculation does not occur. Although it may be highly sensitive and disappointing, it is completely reversible, subsiding when the blood flows out. It is often used to try to manipulate partners into having sex when they choose not to, especially younger girls who are unfamiliar with male physiology.


Oral sex performed on a man. Although it is often considered hard work by the person performing the act, there is very little use of blowing involved, but rather licking, sucking and caressing with the lips and tongue. It is also referred to as Fellatio and Giving/Getting Head.


A wide range of activities involving consensually immobilizing a partner during a sex act as part of either fantasy or control practice. Bondage can involve anything from light, symbolic tying up with sexy, soft fabric or plastic cuffs to something as harsh as using crude straps, chains or professional restraining implements. The enjoyment of the participants can stem from the visual stimulation or the physical sensation of gaining /relinquishing control. Bondage is one of the elements of BDSM practice.


A slang term for Erection.


An organized business where prostitutes or sex workers are employed and where they have sex with clients. In the age of sex trafficking, many prostitutes are not free to go and come but are kept full-time in a brothel.

In many countries, brothels have been made illegal, even if prostitution is legal or partially legal. In other countries brothels are allowed to function with varying degrees of regulation which overseas health and conditions of the workers.

Once referred to as a Bordello or Whorehouse, modern brothels are often euphemistically called Escort Agencies or Massage Parlors.


See Sodomy.


Possessing traditionally masculine appearance, attributes and/or behaviours. Often used to describe gay men and women. Opposite of Femme.

Butt Plug

A sex toy designed for anal penetration and used by males and females during intercourse or as a sexual act of its own. Butt plugs tend to have a flared base or handle for control. They are usually narrower than a typical dildo and designed for more gentle insertion and removal.

Some butt plugs include vibrators, but typically they are stationary objects.


Seat of the body, often considered one of the sexier areas of the body. Also referred to as Ass, Backside, Behind, Bottom, Bum, Rear End, Rump and many more slang terms.


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  1. bisexual woman on said:

    I’m bisexual and I only message other girls for two main reasons: first I have a significant other, and he doesn’t mind if i have something with a girl, so I consider myself “available”. And the second detail is that is way easier for me to meet lads in real life, so even if I’d be single, I’d contact mostly females.

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