Sex Butter Review

While butter may sound more sensual, Sex Butter is actually an oil-based lubricant. The texture is similar to butter – when kept at medium to low temperatures it is more solid, making it easy to apply small amounts. Within seconds of receiving heat from the body, even just on the fingers, it spreads into a smooth oil and provides all the wetness necessary for her or him.

Its long list of essential oils make it a soothing and moisturising addition to sex or even just for massaging the vulva and vagina. The listed oils are contains coconut butter, shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil and grape seed. There are others that are not specified.

Most of these oils exist in various oil-based lubricants, but sex butter has a rather un-buttery twist: a strong cocoa and mint aroma. Both chocolate and mint can be very alluring, but while chocolate is an almost universal favourite, some folks do not feel the same way about the mint. You do not have to taste it to know that it is there (though tasting is part of the fun), because the smell adds to the atmosphere, for good or for bad.

Because it is so smooth and does not dry up, tiny amounts can suffice on each occasion. So when you see the size of the jar that sells with a high price tag, you can be partially assured that it will not be finished as quickly as you would imagine. The choice of using a jar is probably related to making a small amount of sex butter appear more (an old trick in the cosmetic business) because for sexual purposes, a jar can be a bit tricky. When in the heat of the moment, a jar means that you need to stop what you are doing because it needs two hands to twist open. Pop-open lids or finger-squirting dispensers are more convenient for lubricant.

The other option, the small pillow cushion tubes provide what appears to be a single portion of lube. Actually there is enough for about 5 uses in each tube. The problem is that once you twist off the top, you cannot replace it, so it could spill if you don’t place it standing upright somewhere safe. Even then, I would not want to leave it open for too long before using it. It is going into the vagina, after all. This twisting mechanism, too, demands two hands and because the tube is black, it is tricky to use without the lights on.

The experience of sex butter on your sensitive spots is exciting and invigorating. Using organic is always preferable, if you can handle the extra cost. It may or may not have therapeutic characteristics, but without more serious dermatological testing, I cannot confirm this. Since it was developed by a so-called alchemist, it may be attempting to be an all-in-one lubricant/healing-oil, but one should ask if they need all this excess material to go inside the exceptionally sensitive vagina? I would propose it be used as a novelty on rare occasions or if a women needs a short term period of conditioning and massage, in consultation with a therapist or healer. For a woman in need of a regular lubricant because she does not lubricate sufficiently, especially a women with tendencies towards infections, it is probably best to stick to a simpler lube without extra effects.


  • Oil-based lubricant
  • Buttery texture
  • Organic
  • Comes in a screw-top jar
  • Contains: 30 ml (1oz.)
  • Also available in set of 3 tubes of approx. 5ml (0.17 oz.)
  • Smell of chocolate and mint
  • Sugar- and sweetener-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Vegan



  • Extremely smooth
  • Buttery texture is easy to apply
  • Changes to lighter texture when warmed
  • Stays wet
  • Delicious smell
  • Sweet taste is suitable for oral sex



  • Expensive, even the small size
  • Containers are not convenient for dispensing
  • Not condom-compatible
  • Smell may be too strong for some
  • Can interrupt conception due to partial spermicidal effect


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