Sex and the Planet

If you can’t go green for the good of our poor, scorched earth and because the future demands it, could you go green because green is dead sexy and healthy is damn hot? Our bodies, homes and communities will give you a whole lot of reasons to act eco-sexy, and here are just a few:

Do It in the Dark

Call yourself an environmentalist and then you actually get credit for turning off the lights. If you don’t have a partner (because not all earthlings need to be paired off), you can find a green sex toy or just use the two that you were born with (your hands! But wash them first if they’re literally green).

Generate Clean Energy

Switch off those heaters and warm yourself up like the folks did in the caves. I mean with sex, but you can also grow out that body hair if it turns your other half on.

Recycle Your Best Moves

Think back to before you got bogged down with life and old habits. Remember what got you turned on, inspired, stimulated and sensationally satisfied. Make the effort you once made and you’re likely to discover that recycling can be outstanding.

Hug a Tree

Start off by planting a tree. When everyone else makes you crazy, your tree will always be there for that hug, no questions asked. Trees hug back with shade and oxygen and when they’re big and strong, some young lovers can carve their initials (or sit underneath and flirt text each other). As long as you don’t waste paper.

Eat Sex-Improving Food

Treat yourself and your partner to a libido-strengthening and sex sustaining meal of plant-based foods. Vegetables, grains and seeds leave you feeling light, slim and empowered for stronger sexual performance. Selected fruits are the cheapest and healthiest aphrodisiacs around. More on this

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