Dinah Project has always been here to provide great crafts and share them to other people. Not long ago, we were just a shop then but eventually became a website that shares ideas and teaches other people how to create crafts as well. To give you more information about us, here are our services that you can definitely rely on.


You can find various types of crafts here in our website that are surely affordable. We have knitted clothes and other handmade clothing for anyone. There are also many accessories you can choose from be it for a girl or a boy. Feel free to choose from different sizes, colors and designs. We also have decorations for your home and crafted goods like frames, baskets, figurines and more. Furniture can also be found in this shop like chairs, center tables and others. Many people love our creations because they are unique and we are sure that you will love them as well.


Many people love to learn how to create these crafts by themselves so we provided easy and simple tutorials that anyone can follow. We have pictures of the crafts and step-by-step instructions along them. If you like reading more and understand better when you read something, we suggest you just follow these guides and instructions which are so easy. But you can also find many video tutorials along with those pictures and instructions. The video tutorials are much easier and better to be used as a guide because you get to listen to the artisans and you can see what he/she is making. You will be able to follow the steps if you watch from the screen. We hope the simple tutorials here can let you do your own crafts. Remember to have fun while making them and enjoy expressing your own style in crafting.