When Scientologists say “I Do” and “I Don’t”

Try as we might to ignore the subject of Katie and Tom, it just won’t go away. So in an attempt to find some unturned stone in this story, I thought I’d look into what Scientology has to say about sex. In a word, boring….

At the outset, it appears that sex is revered in this rigorous community. Sex is presented as a positive aspect of a happy marriage, with a focus on its purpose for fertility (yawn). But while Hollywood is packed with sexy scientologists, the religion/cult itself is anything but sex-positive. Keep delving and you’ll find that, like other religions, its all rules, rules, rules. Suddenly Tom isn’t looking so sexy…

“When sex enters the scene, a being fixates and loses power”

Ooh, if you enjoy sex for the sake of sex, who’ll show up for church?

“Lovers are very seldom happy.”

Apparently, founder L. Ron Hubbard was never frivolously infatuated. Maybe love is not a long time solution to pure happiness; lovers, as Jo Jackson claims, may even be fools. But loneliness and loveless relationships are nothing to aspire to either.

If I were inventing a new religion in the shadow of more than 6,000 years of organized religion, I’d try to innovate at least where the sexuality is concerned. Because of people like Tom and Katie who are part of an industry that trades in sexual myths, you cannot try to shove sex back into that closet as religion has tried and failed in doing in so many versions.

Or perhaps all we sex educators are seriously misguided and sexual pleasurists are essentially evil and anti-social, but sex is kosher just insofar as it finances your churches and your fleet. Ahoy! We’ll still be here when you get sea-sick and run for dry land (or divorce).

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