Scent of a Woman

“Legs. I don’t care if they’re Greek columns, or second-hand Steinways, but what’s between them… passport to heaven”. (Al Pacino as Lt. Col. Frank Slade, Scent of a Woman, 1992).

Every woman has a signature scent. It’s her own unique perfume produced by the healthy flora (bacteria) that live in her reproductive zone and keep her system in balance. Just to clarify, this is all part of a woman’s natural freshening process and means that the vagina is kept clean by nature and is not, as some soap companies will have you think, a dirty place, in need of fake fragrances.

There are many sweat glands around the vulva. If the panty area is suffocated by synthetic textile, such as nylon or latex, this area will sweat more and the bacteria will get out of control; when you wear cotton or natural fabric underwear and allow the area to air out and breathe, the extra moisture produced by sweat will evaporate and let the vagina take care of itself. Sweat in itself does not have a bad smell, but when the bacteria start working on it, a chemical reaction occurs and this creates a unique scent. Each woman will then have her special aroma, which is produced by her combination of home-grown bacteria and the alkaline levels of the juices she produces. This could then get stronger or weaker depending on how hydrated she is, and what she has been eating, but should stay within the range of her private perfume house collection.

So why the nasty ‘fish’ jokes? When a vagina gets out of balance, a bacterial infection can occur. The vagina is a perfect host for bacterial festivities, being warm, dark and moist. If you upset the body’s immune system, with antibiotics or stress for example, the happy balance of the vagina’s perfect ecosystem can be compromised, and this throws the situation into a general state of mayhem. The local government heads for the hills and the rebels take over, as it were.

Bacterial vaginosis sets in when the good bacteria are spread too thin and anaerobic bacteria start collecting up. This produces a chemical called trimethylamine, which is also famous for its guest appearances in bad breathe and rotting fish. It is really important to stress that this is not a natural resident of the vagina, as some bad jokes would have us believe, but is a side effect of a bacterial infection. This particular infection is not sexually transmitted, but it still calls for a doctor’s appointment, so that you can get the treatment that will heal the discomfort and kick-start the return to an eco-vagina.

Other sorts of bad smells can resort from bad personal hygiene and from various sexually transmitted infections. The good news on this front is that both conditions are preventable, but if they occur, they are certainly curable so keep yourselves in check.

An important flavouring agent for every woman (and this is true for men too), is their diet. Garlic, onions and meat are all known to create a more pungent smell and taste in a woman’s genital fluid. Then again, some people like the love a strong taste as much as a light one, so ask them if this is something that bothers them, and if it does, and you would like them spending more time down there, maybe simple dietary changes are worth a try.

An important point it that our natural scents are erotic and enticing, even if they don’t taste anything like Belgian chocolate. If you don’t try to wash them away, but rather keep them in check, they become part of the pleasure of enjoying you.

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