Regal Kegels

There are three great reasons to do Kegel exercises: sex and two others.

Seriously, Kegels are not only beneficial to your health and sex life, they are also easy to do anywhere, anytime and without anyone knowing. By the way, the other two good reasons are that they are important muscles which assist during and after childbirth, and they are really important in later life to prevent loosing control of your bladder (urinary incontinence).

Kegels work on our PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, the main muscle of the pelvic floor. Their purpose it to support all the organs in the pelvic area. With age and the joys of gravity, and especially after childbirth, the muscles weaken and the organs begin to collapse, known as prolapse. Kegel exercises work these muscles, allowing them to hold the pelvic area in place, allow all the muscles and organs to work more effectively and permit better control and enjoyment during penetrative sex.

How They’re Done

No need for warm up exercises or work-out gear. Just stand or sit and squeeze those ring muscles around the vagina. The best way to identify the right muscles is when urinating. If you stop the flow in mid-stream, it is the PC muscles you have contracted. When you discover the right motion, you can practice when you have emptied the bladder. It may be helpful to learn the exercise by urinating, but this is not good to do often – it can cause urinary tract infections.

Another way to learn to contract the muscles is by inserting the length of two fingers, opening them if necessary, and squeezing the muscles until you feel pressure on the fingers.

Once you have learned to contract the muscles at will, and you can do a few cycles while waiting sitting in a traffic jam or riding the train, you’re ready for the next level. Here are a few techniques:

    • Hold the contraction for 10 seconds at a time, for a few minutes each day
    • Do your kegels while standing and then while squatting
    • Do elevator kegels: learn to isolate the sections of the PC muscle, working the bottom, middle and top separately

Women who have had multiple births and women who carry excess weight tend to have weaker pelvic floors, but all women can land up with problems, and everyone should include this in their workout.

Mastering the squeezing of these muscles during penetrative sex is actually mentioned in the Kama Sutra, as one of the best sexual practices possible.

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