Private Jet Stream of Pleasure Review

The Private Jet is by no means an aircraft but it may take you on a ride that is as memorable as any shower you’ve ever had.

A quick look at the Private Jet Stream of Pleasure gives the impression that it is more suited to a hardware store than a sex toy shop. Except for the pink which gives away the fact that something funky is up.

The small fixture is installed (according to the instructions in 30 seconds, but, uhm, maybe I’m challenged) between the shower head and the hose. It can be left in place when not in use – it is rather innocuous looking, but it lengthens the shower head so it may not rest as ideally as before.

When you want to play, you simply clip the shower head off by pressing the indented sides. This exposes the pink nose of the jet which simply channels the stream into one intense stream. There is no magic involved, just more intensity over less area. The effect on the genitals is powerful and immediate. It is capable in some women of bringing on strong orgasm, and may be helpful for women who have a hard time orgasming, but it may be much too intense for others. There are no power levels – its either this or the regular shower head that is simply too dispersed in comparison. You can of course play with the water power at the tap, but it is not nearly sensitive enough to make gradual changes on the range that the clitoris can appreciate.

The main problems with the Private Jet are not specific to the product, which is quite intuitive, but with the essence of water orgasm. It is intense and does not have a natural build-up or release, so the user is often left numbed and/or still aroused. The issue of positioning is also awkward. It is difficult to stand and still experience full release because the major leg muscles are at work and cannot give way. Lying down is a possibility but if the stream is used underwater, its effect is sharply minimized.

And then there is the issue of temperature. While warm water is nice for your body, it is too hot for the sensitive clitoris, so you need to play around with temperature until you find what is right for each purpose. If you are also soaking in the tub, the water can become uncomfortably cold so by the time you are ready to lean back and enjoy the after-effects, you need to rerun your bath. It is not a show stopper but just a few more procedures to deal with that make this supposedly easy-access massage jet into as much work – or more – than your hardy old vibrator.

The jet fixture is made of light plastic and gives the impression that it is not of the highest quality, despite the $30 price tag.

While the use of it (just point at the clitoral area and count to 5) is instinctive, getting the piece installed takes some basic technical ability. The sketches included are clear and simple to follow.


  • Water-powered massager
  • Alternative shower head with easy exchange mechanism
  • Made of hard plastic
  • Exchanges regular stream with concentrated, powerful flow
  • Light weight
  • Silver coloured with pink interior
  • Fits all hand-held shower systems
  • Comes with spare O-ring
  • Length: 63mm (2.5“)
  • Clear set-up instructions
  • Available from



  • Discreet
  • Powerful
  • Efficient
  • Clean and mess-free
  • Always ready for use
  • Can be used underwater for lighter effect



  • Relatively costly
  • Cannot be used on clitoris at regular shower temperature
  • Can waste a lot of water
  • Tap strength is difficult to manipulate gradually
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