Power Bullet Massager Review

This little finger-sized clitoral vibe is a cheap copy of various lipstick-sized vibes like the mini-micro vibrator, but for a fraction of the price and more feeble output. For people who would like to experiment with clitoral vibrators without making an investment, this is a great idea.

The size makes it just about right for clitoral use, and for stimulation around the vaginal entrance or perineal area. OK, it could be fun on a guy’s scrotum, or for a really small knot in the back. But it is not to be used anally or inside the vagina, like G-spot hunting. There’s a danger of losing control of it, and no-one wants to have to call in the search and rescue team under these circumstances.

It is supposedly waterproof, but I wouldn’t test it under the Niagara Falls. For cleaning purposes, just give it a wipe-off with a damp cloth.

One of the disadvantages of small vibrators is that some women get a bit irritated with the vibrations felt in their fingers after a while. The solutions include getting someone else to hold it, which may or may not be an option, or making sure the pleasure you experience elsewhere overrides this glitch. In any case, if this is too uncomfortable, you’ll have to trade it in (not literally) for the mini-micro or something with a better grip.

Given the outlay, don’t expect it to last. With such low-priced mechanisms, it’s always a gamble – you could end up having a long-term relationship or it could be a mere weekender before it runs out of steam. Replacing the batteries is probably not the solution because three coin batteries will set you back almost as much as the itsy-bitsy toy itself. If this is all you can afford right now, or if you are looking to acquire a range of toys, I’d say it’s definitely worth doing.



  •  Metallic-looking plastic
  •  Designed for external use only
  •  One speed
  •  Length: 58mm (2.3″), width: 16mm (0.6″)
  •  Uses three coin batteries (LR44), usually included



  •  Discreet
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Hard plastic is safe for direct use on the skin
  •  Very economical
  •  Relatively quiet



  •  Cheaper quality
  •  One speed only
  •  It can be more awkward to hold in place than a longer toy



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