Penthouse Lust Lash Review

If you see this pretty, red toy and think it looks like a fun accessory for a bit of spice, don’t be mistaken. It may add spice, but we’re not talking about a bit of ginger, this is hot chilly!

This sultry red rubber whip is made of a hundred or so strands of rubber, each one feels nice and smooth to the touch, but when they come at you from a distance, they leave quite an impression.

Rubber is the thing for couples who are into something a bit harder, so be prepared for medium to hard pain if the use of this toy gets excited. If you are looking for the fantasy without the real involvement of pain, you might want to look at a whip made of a lighter material. Or you can enjoy the feeling that the Lust Lash yields, but aim for surfaces other than skin.

The rubber can also be used to tickle the skin of your partner if you drape it gently over sensitive areas. Some people find ticking to be just as taunting as applying pain.

In keeping with the power theme, this seemingly playful device has a wooden handle. This, along with the weight of the rubber, provides a strong snap that can bring out the latent dominatrix in anyone.

If you do plan to get into BDSM play, remember to define the rules of engagement first.


  •  Wooden handle provides an easy grip
  •  Wrist strap for extra control
  •  Red rubber strands for powerful lash
  •  Designed for fantasy and BDSM play
  •  Length of the strands: 300mm (11.75″); handle: 190mm (7.5″)
  •  Belongs to the Penthouse Variations range of products



  •  Powerful lash
  •  Exciting colours
  •  Comfortable grip



  •  May be more powerful than it appears
  •  No instructions on BDSM etiquette included
  •  Slight smell
  •  Strands detach if tugged



Dinah Rates      

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