Paddling Through the Years Like Picasso

If you thought that it is only women who have the biological clock and men can gleefully take their time before starting a family, then science has just scored one for greater equality. Sorry all you wannabe Pablo Picasso’s out there; I think that’s your biological clock ticking and it gives you quite a headache, doesn’t it?

Picasso fathered two of his children in his late 60′s but he needed a younger partner to do the other part of the job, you know, the part that involves 99.9% of the work. Ever since then, or perhaps it is since biblical times, guys everywhere have been scoffing at our biological clocks while feeling secure that time is on their side. They get older but their women can stay the same age.

Well, scoffs right back ‘atcha. According a recent study of Zhu et al. at the Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research, 30-year old men are on their way down in the fertility stakes. Researchers found that while men produce the same amount of sperm and the same volume of semen as they age, in older guys the sperm have lower motility and more of them are dead on arrival. And this process is progressive, so the damage continues from about age 30 at a rate of about 1% each year.

As Monica from Friends might have said: get on with it boys! Your best swimmers are losing their strokes. They used to put up a good fight, but as the years float by, they’re starting to swim doggie paddle. Its all excitement and splashes but not much actual movement.

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