Oil: Good for Only One Thing

Today, Libyans go to the polls. After 42 years of Gaddafi, you could imagine that that makes for some happy folks, and particularly happy women. This election is all about female representation, female votes and female voices. Sure, that does not usually translate to female emancipation, but it is a good start in a society where women have until the recent revolution been nothing but veiled and silenced.

Except for Gaddafi’s daughter, Aisha, that is. But let’s not waste cyberspace on a woman who flaunted the fact that she worked towards women’s rights in Libya, only to say about violence against women in her country that “it is not a particularly serious problem in Libya, but yes, complaints are made against men from time to time”.

So in honour of the recently liberated people and their celebration of democracy today, I pose a question that may be more important to stability in their oil-rich country than which particular male is given the right to rule them today. I ask what is oil really good for?

From a woman’s perspective, it brings war and it brings military and economic occupation. It takes fathers and partners off-shore and to foreign lands. It ruins the environment and it dirties our air, our oceans, our land. Let’s not forget that in its edible forms it brings excess weight onto those hips and often cholesterol into the arteries.

We need to decrease our need for oil, as has been said by many great voices before me. But let me add, to what level we need to aspire. How about just a few drops a day? Pure seed oil makes a sultry massage accelerator and then a safe, sexy lubricant.

In its other forms, it is pretty much superfluous. You see, ultimately, everything IS about sex.

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