Oh My Goddess! Which Type are You in Bed?

Six goddesses are told of in Greek Mythology. They are fighters, mothers, virgins, protectors, providers. Between them they cover many of the attributes that complement and conflict our personalities. They may belong to an ancient culture, but they have been reinvented as representatives of the most basic contemporary female ambitions and demons.

How can these goddesses be of service to us? They are not mere models for us to emulate, but rather archetypes, or classical examples of typical virtues that we have in some or other form and capacity. Using these models, every woman can see her dominant style – in this case her sexual manner – and she can seek out the heroine in herself by looking at that attribute in its larger-than-life form.

Instead of proclaiming that we all need to aspire to be Aphrodite, the personification of sexual prowess and beauty, we are given many options, each one divine and heroic in her own way.

The description of the goddesses is based on those from Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen’s masterwork “Goddesses in Everywoman: a New Psychology of Women” (1984).

And now we get to meet the goddesses, taking a quick looking one’s erotic qualities:


Goddess of the hunt and the moon, she is chiefly independent and highly  achievement focused. She is known as a virgin goddess, because her sexuality is not well expressed. She may collect a fair share of sexual experience as she goes through life, because she is an adventurer by her nature, but the sex isn’t meant to create emotional intimacy; instead it is recreational and exploratory.
Artemis may have sex appeal because she is a power-house of professional success, but not as a woman who promotes herself sexually.


Goddess of wisdom, she is brilliant but not earthly. Athena’s body is just a vessel, but it is her mind that is alive and rich. Men inspire her intellectually or engage her as friends, but she does not need sex or romance. When she finds herself in a sexual relationship, she learns sexual skill, because she is always trying to be competent, but it is done with the sense of duty, not passion.


The earth goddess is the classical maternal figure. Although she is loving and affectionate, her sex drive is weak and sex is not a very important element of her life. She may even be a bit of a prude. As a committed partner, she will engage in sex out of a feeling of mission, but it will always be essentially an act of procreation and a service to her partner. It is typical for such a woman
to find breastfeeding to be much more sensual than any part of sex.


Goddess of marriage, she sees marriage and sexuality as a team. If she does have sex outside of marriage, she would believe, or make believe it was true love. She, even more than the other dutiful goddesses, has sex out of sense of a marital chore. She would tend to see it as male controlled, meaning he would need to take initiative or it will never happen. This will leave her inorgasmic,
unless she works on herself and manages to conquer her passive eroticism.


Goddess of the hearth (fireplace) and the home. Sexuality is not important to her, but once it is initiated, she gets a lot of satisfaction out of it. It is as if her eroticism is a seemingly dead fire, and when her lover stokes it, it rages to life. For that reason, some of the Hestia women are orgasmic with very little effort, so they will have delightful sex, but nevertheless not feel the
need to seek it out. When a Hestia woman is inorgasmic, she will still enjoy the intimacy that sex creates, and being able to comfort and join her partner. Without a lover to jolt her, she could just as easily leave well enough alone.


Aphrodite is the Greek version of the Roman goddess Venus. She is the sexual yardstick because Aphrodite IS the Goddess of sex, the only clearly pro-sexual one of the goddesses. Strangely enough, her realm is not only sex, but also love and beauty (as though they have to go together).

The act of falling in love, which for many people makes them behave in very untypical ways, is the time when everyone can be Aphrodite-like for a certain amount of time. Some will then retain it, others will wear it thin, and the true Aphrodite women will fall in love with falling in love – they will continue on an intensive, passionate path from lover to lover.

This goddess is also related to fertility, but unlike the procreative instincts of some of the other sister deities, Aphrodite’s fertility is an outgrowth of uncontrolled passion. Since she is all about sensuality and sexuality, falling in and out of love with great force is usual, and she needs to learn to control her instinctual behaviour if she wants to create a relationship that transcends the passionate phase.

There is no connection between the goddess type and sexual orientation or relationship style. Both heterosexual and lesbian women appear in all goddess models and there are single and coupled, sexually active and inactive women across all the archetypes.

These goddess types are also not ingrained and non-alterable. The idea of therapy or conscious lifestyle changes is to discover and own your own inherent characteristics, and then curb or supplement them to create a balance that is more fulfilling to your ambitions. It could probably be argued that every woman needs a certain amount of Aphrodite in her. Whereas Aphrodite woman would need some other goddess attributes in her, in order to avoid letting love and sex turn into a curse.


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