Nobel or No Belle?

All of the 2012 Nobels have been named, except for the Economics Prize. So on the eve of the announcement of the final prize, I thought I could get a word in, just for the sake of female representation.

This year the laureates look pretty much the same as the years gone by. Let’s see: we have 5 white males, 2 Asian males and a European organization. And the women? Of the 69 Economics laureates since the prize was established in 1969, exactly one has been female, so I’d say the chances that an XX chromosome will find its way onto the 2012 list are about as representative as the hold that females have over the world’s fiscal resources.

Michael Moore would say that it is white men who have created this global economic crisis that we are feeling right now. But I’m sure there will be a professor named tomorrow, another Robert, James, Daniel or the likes who will have the answers to why it happens and how we can in retrospect predict its path.

I’d like to say that the times are a’changin’, that women are excelling and advancing, but let’s face it: the only professions that we rule in are modeling and prostitution, where our minds are not quite revered, where our sexuality is elated beyond all other capacities, Hell, its the only capacity in these jobs.

But this is all we are allowed to expect, apparently. It is in the rules of the game, you see. All you need to do in order to figure out how the Nobel Prize works, is to take a look at the various medals awarded to the lucky men, sorry, people of the day. The famous bust of Alfred Nobel might come to mind but flip the peace medal over, and the situation is clear as golden daylight.

Three men forming a fraternal bond. An inscription reading, Pro pace et fraternitate gentium  which translates “For the peace and brotherhood of men”. Seriously, does the King of Sweden know that he is handing out male porn to the finest of all minds? Those dudes are naked, dancing and doing some threesome thing that looks very much like no place for a woman.

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger. I just tell it like I see it.

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