For those of us with an appreciation for things antique, the woman that everyone is celebrating today is old enough as to have been single since 1981, and young enough to be a rap star. Congratulations, Betty White, you really are everyone’s Golden Girl.

For anyone who thinks that botox faces or silicone boobs are sexy, I refer you to Betty’s hunky calendar, which is even steamier when you consider that all funds were donated to an animal welfare foundation.

I have no idea how many younger folks get turned on by Betty’s recent antics, but I think she’s done wonders for demonstrating just how vibrant and fun a “1922 model” can be, grandma jokes aside.

And need I remind you that women do not necessarily display a down-turn in their physical sexual functioning as they approach 100, at least not the way that men do. So consider that when you next insult someone by calling her (or him) a grannie; could be there’s a huge compliment in there, at least if Betty White comes to mind.

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