Night Moves 7x Cyberskin Seduction Vibrator Review

This effeminate seductress is a relatively small-proportioned dual vibrator. It offers strong clitoral stimulation, penetration with a minor amount of vibration and an additional wobbly finger to tickle the perineum or anal entrance, but with all that, it comes in a modest size.

The penetrative shaft is slightly wide at the top but narrows to make it all-in-all a medium fit and not too deep. The clitoral appendage is actually very short, so some gals may have a tough time getting it to reach the clitoris while the shaft is inserted. For them, the best use would be using either the shaft head, or better yet, the clitoral finger, directly on the clitoris.

The little anal appendage receives almost no vibrations, it merely sits around and wobbles like jelly when moved, so at best, it gives a gentle tickle to the perineum or anal entrance as an added extra.

The Night Moves Seducation has the basic structure of the Jack Rabbit, but it has only one motor. This means that it vibrates, and it does so very strongly, but there is no rotation motor for the shaft. The shaft receives some of the vibrations, but it is chiefly there to provide fullness. The movement needs to come from the user.

The shaft has an amazing easy flexibility, allowing it to bend forward, backwards and to the sides and retain its positions, or click back with the same ease. This means that the clitoral fit can be made easier or it can assume a different angle to hit different vaginal areas, which is definitely worth experimenting with.


And speaking of experiments, if you keep trying all the angles, appendages, the 3 power levels and 7 modes of vibration, you’ll be busy working on your own Seduction for ages. So keep some spare batteries around.

The cyberskin surface is, of course, pure luxury. It feels like well-conditioned skin and that is for many the most natural sensation they could ask for in a toy. Its smoothness means it may not demand lubricant, but if you’d like to use some, stick to water-based lube which will not harm the soft material.


    • Made of soft cyberskin
    • Comes in pink colour
    • Designed for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral use
    • Includes extra finger for optional anal tickle
    • Surface of shaft is textured for extra sensation
    • Shaft bends and holds new position
    • Seven vibration modes
    • Three speeds
    • Waterproof
    • Phthalate-free and Latex-free
    • Length: 210mm (8.25″)
    • Uses 3 AAA batteries



    • Soft but prominent protrusions on surface provide excellent stimulation
    • Luxurious feel
    • Relatively quiet
    • Can easily to be used for clitoral stimulation without insertion
    • Easy to clean
    • Base provides comfortable grip
    • Phthalate-free cyberskin is safe for direct use on the skin



    • Buttons are difficult to differentiate while in use
    • Anal finger does not vibrate
    • Rounded bottom means that it cannot stand upright


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