Night Moves 7x Cyberskin Infatuation Vibrator Review

With all the excitement about dolphins these days, we have to have at least one dolphin in each vibrator series and this cool torquoise fella is it. You may find it more asthetically pleasing than its siblings, the Lust and the Seduction, but it isn’t quite as much of an all-rounder as they are.

Although the Night Moves Infatuation has the two-armed structure of the Jack Rabbit, it has only one motor. This means that it vibrates in the dolphin-headed clitoral appendage, and it does so very strongly, but there is no rotation motor for the shaft. The shaft receives only a fraction of the vibrations, it is chiefly there for static penetration. The movement needs to come from the user, by shifting in and out.

The vibrations given off by the pointy dolphin nose are extremely intense, but very localized. In fact, if you watch the buzzing nose in action, you’ll laugh at what looks like a dolphin trying to take-off. Somehow, just about all of the power produced by the motor finds its way to the dolphin, in other words, to the clitoral and labial area, when in place. This, as we said, leaves the shaft more or less stationary and felt mostly felt in terms of its fullness. And full it is; it is not oversized, by any means, but the shaft which is quite narrow at its entrance, widens and thickens to a decent girth down at the base, which adds nice pressure if you can handle the shaft inserted to the end.

The angle of the dolphin makes it a bit tricky to use as a lone element, ie. without inserting the shaft, and the shortened size of the dolphin head means you’ll probably need to insert the shaft pretty deep to get the dolphin head to sit on the right spot. All this means that the toy, as a whole is not terrible versatile. This despite the wide range of modes (seven) and speeds (three, very differentiated).

The shaft has some flexibility, allowing it to bend forward, backwards and to the sides and retain its positions. This makes it easier to reach tough spots, especially if you want to use the tip of the shaft externally. Unfortunately, since it hardly rotates or vibrates, there is less need for its external use, perhaps simply to rub around the clit area like a big, swollen finger.

The noise level is medium and gets louder with the increase in power. It doesn’t seem to quieten significantly when inserted, suggesting a lot of it is coming from the dolphin area. You may want to take it for a swim with you in the shower if the sounds it produces gets too loud.

The cyberskin surface is, of course, luxury. It feels like well-conditioned skin and that is for many the most natural sensation they could ask for in a toy. Its smoothness means it may not demand lubricant, but if you’d like to use some, stick to water-based lube which will not harm the soft material.


    • Made of soft cyberskin
    • Comes in turquoise colour
    • Designed for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral use
    • Surface of shaft is textured for extra sensation
    • Shaft bends and holds new position
    • Seven vibration modes
    • Three speeds
    • Waterproof
    • Phthalate-free and Latex-free
    • Length: 225mm (8.9″)
    • Uses 3 AAA batteries



    • Attractive design
    • Luxurious feel
    • Easy to clean
    • Base provides comfortable grip
    • Phthalate-free cyberskin is safe for direct use on the skinThis



    • Few vibrations felt outside of the dolphin head area
    • Buttons are difficult to differentiate while in use
    • Rounded bottom means that it cannot stand upright
    • Medium to strong noise level


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