Nice Toyfriend Vibrator Review

Yellow bubbles on a white stick. Sounds childish, even looks a bit too childish for an adult toy. And yet these little drops of sunshine will not only warm your nether areas, they’ll make you hot and sweaty all over.

The Nice Toyfriend has three bubbles of increasing size stacked in such a way that it is perfect for clitoral use, excellent for tickling the larger surface areas and also particularly helpful for insertion for starters. This is a great tool for checking out the preferences of your clitoris because other than using it head on, it can also be used sidewards: this will allow you to run the bubbled edge across the sensitive spot for increased traction and a varied stimulation. All this in the most petite body, so that discretion is key.

There is a very slight curve, so the more adventurous user can try use it in her search for the elusive G-spot. But that curve in so slight that you’d hardly notice it if you weren’t looking hard, so it will not interfere with insertion like a bold, hooked vibrator would.

Like all the toyfriends the bold colour is a given. Just like the blue Zany Toyfriend, the pink Foxy Toyfriend and the black Posh Toyfriend, the bright yellow Nice Toyfriend is not too bold because it is grounded by the underspoken white handle. This handle is smoothly joined to the colourful silicone vibrating top, so that the toy is almost seamless and waterproof.

The tiny size, as mentioned, is great for discretion and it is also convenient for traveling, slipping into the smallest spaces. If you want to give a sexy gift but do not want to be too presumptuous, a playful Toyfriend cannot get you into too much trouble but it may just get you into someone’s very, very good books.

The Nice Toyfriend uses a single AAA battery so it remains super lightweight when the battery is in place. By mini vibe standards, this yellow friend provides a powerful buzz. If it is stronger than you like, start off using it over your underwear and slowly get under your own pants when the need build up.

There is always some level of finger buzz when using such a small device, especially when it is powerful. Yet this toy has relatively little buzz at the base, making is easier to hold for as long as you need.

The fact that the Nice Toyfriend comes with only one speed is its only functional disadvantage. First time toy users may not notice that this is a problem, and as mentioned, with a bit of creativity you can make the vibrations feel softer or more indirect. Playing with the placement can also bring in variety.

The idea of these fine little friends is that they give you high quality machines at a great price, so they are attractive for novices and make great, unassuming gifts.



  • Small vibrator
  • Designed for internal stimulation
  • Silicone top with hard plastic handle
  • Bright yellow with white
  • Single speed
  • Waterproof
  • Length: 90mm (3.5”)
  • Uses 1 AAA battery



  • Bumps for extra traction
  • Economical
  • Discreet
  • Luxurious silicone
  • Powerful
  • Unique design
  • Light weight
  • Quiet
  • Good gift for starters



  • Only one speed


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