My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies – Book Review

By Nancy Friday.

This is an old book – it was first published in 1973! – but it does not feel old. It spells out women’s fantasies, play by play, leaving you feeling that absolutely everything goes. All you need to do is to substitute Matthew McConnaughey for whichever man they had back then, and this book is good as new.

The original fantasies were collected over 30 years ago, and with each new edition, more have been added. At the end of the book the author asks her readers to keep sending their fantasies, and it left me wanting to scream “No, it’s enough!” You really do get the point pretty early on, but there are hundreds more just to concrete the fact that women really have fabulous fantasy facilities.

Reading other women’s fantasies can be both harrowing and erotic, but it can also be a great manual to help you develop the very useful and safe art of having sex in the privacy of your own mind.

You may not need to read it cover to cover, but this book could certainly be a good one to breeze through and then pass around to your friends. Or maybe its time to ask them who has read it and why they didn’t pass it on to you!

Nancy Friday deserves a medal of bravery for taking this on when she did, and so do her early contributors.



  •  Written by a researcher of women’s sexuality
  •  Hundreds of women’s fantasies told in their voices
  •  Powerful introduction



Pocket Books, 2003 (25th Anniversary Edition)


Dinah Rates      

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