Manuela’s Manual: Intimate Bodycasting – Book Review

Manuela Lollenbeck.

Body casting is an unusual hobby, and genital casting is even more marginal. So why would someone feel the need to teach such an activity? Simply, because its fun and erotic, and there will always be a market for that, albeit a small one with huge initiative.

Lollenbeck is a sculptor who took on a project of creating some 60 vulva casts, an undertaking that afforded her a unique level of expertise, particularly as an artist who worked with other body casting for years.

While the theme is almost frivolous, the handling of the subject is completely serious. And gladly so: who would want an amateur covering her holiest of shrines in clingy material without careful guidance?

My reading of this book taught me that I was not up for the challenge, even if I were to want to immortalize my crotch . But for those who are entertained by the idea, a relatively quick read through will emphasize that a lot of behind the scenes preparation is necessary. The casting itself will demand about 2 hours, and therefore a very patient and reassured model. If that does not scare you off, this manual will give you clear and simple instructions that walk you through the whole adventure, with helpful photos to clarify each stage. Close to a hundred shots and diagrams give you the confidence that a novice would need to start rubbing plaster or silicone on and around a woman’s delicate genitalia.

With all the encouragement I wish to give women who want to out their vulvae from the confines of their underwear without being arrested for soliciting, this manual has a few quirks. Having been self published, there are a seemingly endless number of typos and syntax errors. This, in itself, does not undermine its instructional capacity but it is discomforting to lovers of the English language.

Next, the small font and two column page set-up makes reading somewhat awkward, sometimes even confusing when it is unclear where to continue reading.

There is a recommendation for women to remove all pubic hair before being cast. While technically it is correct information and apparently important to avoid discomfort and to aid the removal of the mold, encouraging women who trim or keep it as nature meant it to be, is a highly problematic message. Further, showing casts of only hairless women reinforces a dangerous trend which is inspiring obsession with unnatural standards of beauty and unnecessary treatment and surgery.

A nice touch at the end is instruction on how to cast an erect penis. Somehow, casting each other seems like a whole lot more merry than doing the vulva solo, not to mention egalitarian.


    • Manual for female genital casting
    • Over 80 full colour photographs
    • Written by a professional sculptor
    • Instructional-technical style of writing
    • Includes anatomical explanations
    • Printed in small font
    • 81 pages


Self-published, 2012


Dinah Rates      

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