Like It Luge at the Olympics

Cold as it is in Sochi, the inevitable sport of watching beautiful bodies do amazing things, is underway, but in a way its hotter than ever. The irony of Russia’s anti-gay tirade and what is actually going down during these Olympics is simply sweet.

Let’s just skip right to the men’s luge doubles.  So who would really want to do this sport?  Try google “luge doubles” and up comes “gay”.  Apparently this is not something I was the first one to think about, its all over the sports web 

Lugers’ protests aside (pun?), what would people think about a mixed (male/female) luge double? And why are there no women’s luge doubles, for that matter?  How about a bit less sexism served with our homophobia. Some folks might find it rather erotic to be on top of a mixed double, though probably a bit suffocating on the bottom of any kind of double.  It’s a long course. 

As for wresting – Greco-Roman, presumably – Vladimir Putin’s favourite, it is totally homo-erotic.  Which makes me think the dude doth protest too much. 

So just for kicks, here’s a little something to place deep in the Putin-butt, with a splatter of Viking style.

SEX – it’s just everywhere.

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