LELO Mona Vibrator Review

If Mona were a woman, she’d be a supermodel. Not one of those skin-and-bones types, but a plus-sized model, one of those gorgeous women that aren’t exactly fat, but couldn’t be more functionally shapely if they changed a thing.

The Mona isn’t exactly big, but it certainly isn’t small. I would still consider it discreet, but that it because the design and finish are so sleek. In terms of proportions, it is surprising. The 200mm (7.9”) length is enough for all but the most demanding of women. You cannot insert it to the end, because the bottom end holds the buttons and the charging point, but they take up less than one quarter of the length, so you still have a good amount of stick at your disposal. If you are a “girth” girl, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised. The circumference is not circular, its diameter ranges between 51mm (2”) and 33mm (1.3”), so you actually get width without it being too tight.

The tip is relatively pointy, so you have a great clitoral toy in your hands. The curved top makes clitoral reach easy, but also gives you a great angle for penetration: it is easy enough to try stimulation of the G-Spot or deeper insertion that has some interesting new moves. In my opinion, these features makes it a total all-round which I think is a basic feature that makes it an all-round vibrator.

Like all its sister LELO vibrators, the motor is just Swedish grandeur. Quiet, easy to access and with a good range of strengths. The charging point is sensibly situated and well covered so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged. Of course, being rechargeable you have no cords or battery packs that get in your way while playing.

Rechargeable motors are fabulous in terms of saving batteries. You’ll never have to leave the house, but you may need to plug it in and wait awkwardly until it gets juiced up. The solution is to remember to recharge it after use, so that its ready to go on demand.

The massager takes about 2 hours to recharge fully, less if the power isn’t fully depleted. It will tell you when it is fully charged, by lighting up. Once it is ready to go, there is about 4 hours of power to use as you choose. Since most of us ladies wouldn’t need such a long session, you’ll find your Mona ready to go next time without need for charging. The charge hangs in there for months (they say for 90 days but they’re being modest!) so feel free to grab it for a spontaneous quickie, even if its been a while.

Mona is made by LELO, the Swedish manufacturers of the NEA, the GIGI. the BILLY and other high-end toys.


  •  Rechargeable motor (charger included)
  •  Body made of silicone with hard plastic handle
  •  Ergonomical design
  •  LED lights up when motor is switched on
  •  Purple & white, also available in red & white
  •  Designed for vaginal and clitoral stimulation
  •  Six vibration modes
  •  Includes electric charge cord
  •  Includes black satin bag and discreet, protective box
  •  Comes with one-year guarantee
  •  Total length: 200mm (7.9”)
  •  Manufactured by LELO



  •  Discreet
  •  Extremely quiet
  •  Easy to use and change speed
  •  Modes are significantly varied
  •  Almost no vibrations felt on the hand
  •  Phthalate-free silicone and hard plastic are safe for direct use on the skin



  •  Costly
  •  May be too narrow for women seeking full-bodied penetration


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