LELO Billy Prostate Massager Review

You wouldn’t believe it by looking at it, but BILLY is actually a man’s vibrator. With the same diverse and wicked vibes that make any woman’s toy worth its while, this is shaped for male pleasure, but in a very subtle way. Unlike standard butt plugs, this is the height of discretion for anal gear. An innocent bystander may not miss that it is for sexual pleasure, but they will never assume that its an anal toy.

BILLY is designed to massage the prostate gland (referred to as the male G-Spot), which is best accessed by penetrating the anus. This doesn’t demand deep penetration, about a small finger will normally do, so the full length of this toy can provide other anal play; this is also true for the girth. The size, in fact, may be its only real drawback. For the guy who isn’t interested in anal penetration as such, BILLY may appear quite large and ominous. In that case, the BOB may be less intimidating. But BILLY has the vibrations on its team, so you can always use it to stimulate the prostate externally, through the perineum; its less direct but it does work.

This men’s G-Spot massager is simply luxury, and that makes it worth the price tag. It delivers quiet power and a lot of diversity of sensation. There are five different modes of vibration and in addition there are different levels of power. The strength and the modes are changed by a single control button with four easily detectable push points. The button is well stationed, right where the fingers are placed, although you’ll probably experience some trial and error while figuring out which one takes the power up and which takes the power down, at the moment of truth. As for the 5 modes, they are significantly different from each other, which cannot be said for many of the vibrators on the market that boast a large range of modes.

But the greatest thing about ol’ BILLY, is that even if you try it out and don’t bond with it, as is the way of many toys and their owners, it will not be a waste. BILLY has all the makings of a great clitoral or G-Spot vibrator for some lucky lady in your vicinity. The second user should use a condom, or if it was lightly used, clean it with boiling water and antiseptic soap and leave it unused for a week or so.

The massager takes about 2 hours to recharge fully, less if the power isn’t fully depleted. It will tell you when it is fully charged, by lighting up. Once it is ready to go, there is about 4 hours of power to use as you choose. For most guys, that means more than a night’s worth, which means its ready to use next time without recharging.

BILLY is made by LELO, the Swedish manufacturers of the NEA, the GIGI and and other high-end toys.


    • Rechargeable motor (charger included)
    • Body made of silicone with hard plastic handle
    • Ergonomical design
    • LED lights up when motor is switched on
    • Available in deep blue & white and in bordeaux & white
    • Designed for prostate stimulation
    • Five vibration modes
    • Includes electric charge cord
    • Includes black satin bag and discreet, protective box
    • Comes with one-year guarantee
    • Total length: 168mm (6.7”)
    • Manufactured by LELO


    • Highly discreet
    • Extremely quiet
    • Easy to use and change speed
    • Modes are significantly varied
    • Almost no vibrations felt on the hand
    • Phthalate-free silicone and hard plastic are safe for direct use on the skin


  • Relatively costly
  • May be too wide for men who do not practice anal penetration


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