Key Charms Massager Review

Not much larger than an index finger, it is not the most petite but it is certainly a great size for a small vibe. The Key Charms vibrator is long enough to manipulate with ease but small enough to slip discreetly into most pockets. It is shaped like a bullet, but the unique lace design on the surface makes it anything but plain.

This little clitoral toy has 5 vibrating patterns, all significantly different from each other, so there are many ways to play with it but most are within the medium strength zone. There are no particularly soft or intense options. These can be achieved by using it in different placements.

Despite the discreet look, there is a slightly higher than expected noise level. It is by no means noisy, but I’d say it is not whisper quiet, as promoted. So if less buzziness is required, you can hold the toy tightly in the palm of your hand to reduce the sound it produces. It can be done.

The surface is not only attractive, it is particularly tactile, so it will be fun to play with even when the motor is not in use. Running it over the clitoris or other sensitive spots presents a wonderful tease, with little effort.

In case the bold pink or the vine pattern is not your style, there are another two versions of this charmer: lavender and light turquoise. Both are subtler and each have slightly less pronounced surface patterns. The balls on the surface of the pink one gives the greatest amount of friction when being rubbed along the skin. In practice, though, this is more decorative than functional for most women who do not find themselves using the sides of their clitoral vibe as much as the tip. Well, the option is there, if you’d like a try.

The one unfortunate design flaw is the shape of the silicone cover, which is slightly long. When you remove the silver top to insert the battery, the silicone layer extends past the edge of the internal vibrator, so replacing the top takes a careful hand and a minute of composure. This could be confusing for a first time user, especially one who is gung-ho to get started playing. If the top is not correctly replaced, the vibrator will not switch on, so it could appear to be a faulty machine. There are no clear instructions showing how to clip the top into place, but once you get the idea of the twist motion needed, the machine works like a dream. Buyers may be tempted to leave the battery in place to avoid this hassle, but batteries should never be left inside electronic machine that are not in use for more than a few weeks because leaking could occur and it would destroy the toy.


  • Small vibrator
  • Designed for clitoral stimulation
  • Silicone covering
  • Stimulating vine pattern on surface
  • 5 patterns of vibration
  • Single control button
  • Length: 90 mm (3.5”)
  • Comes in 3 colours: turquoise, lavender and pink
  • Waterproof
  • Phthalate-free
  • Lint-free bag included
  • Uses 1 AA batteries (not included)



  • Highly stimulating surface
  • Discreet
  • Stylish look
  • Luxurious silicone feel
  • Moderately powerful
  • Beautifully packaged



  • Moderately high priced for a battery operated vibrator
  • Battery replacement can be difficult
  • Slightly more noisy than claimed


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