Keep Your Nose Out of Here

Google thinks that they have made another great step forward for human-kind, but this may just be the beginning of the end for anyone who believes that porn is going to rule and destroy our culture. That may be a disturbing opening, but if you haven’t already heard about Google Nose, just out in its Beta version, then check it out NOW.

Google have (don’t ask me the technical details, I’m only interested in the sexual ramifications) created the ability to identify and transfer smell across the screen. They see this as an innocent search application, meant to enrich our info obtaining capabilities, but didn’t anyone stop for just a moment and consider what the porn industry will do with this?

Is the olfactory system not the basis of all sexual desire? Can smell not render porn more crude, more addictive? If today porn is doing a great job of misinforming us about how real sex looks, sounds and works, just imagine how dangerous it will get when false smells are added to allure. The difference between real sex and what is portrayed will make it even tougher to teach kids what to expect and how to behave safely. I doubt it is the smell of latex they’ll be wanting to add to the images of waxed, nipped and tucked models having sex with freakishly plus-sized men on Viagra. More like the smell of grilled meat or new cars. Ever more offensive to the women, of course.

This idea is so infuriating, I think that we should consider a mass consumer movement that would boycott Google. We should begin … as soon as April Fools Day is over.


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