Just In Case Condom Compact Review

The latest word on functional empowerment is a condom case that was designed for women, with style in mind. It’s an elegant compact, allowing a girl to have a mirror on hand even with her smallest purse, but it also has a second, hidden compartment with space for two condoms, or a condom and a sachet of lubricant.

The Just In Case opens to display a nice-sized mirror, almost like any other compact. Underneath lies the separate condom compartment, which snaps open with ease but from a different angle to the click that opens the mirror. This is brilliant because it means that you cannot inadvertently snap open the condom layer, when you are trying to open the mirror only.

The size is a perfect fit for standard square condoms, which means that you may need to access a finger nail to pop it out of the container. It also means that while it serves you well for standard condoms made by the bigger companies, it does not work with round-packaged condoms, which tend to be wider, narrow-packaged condoms, which tend to be longer, or various less popular brands that sometimes have larger condoms wrappers.

Overall, this is a fabulous and fun idea, because it tells women that they not only can carry condoms, but they can do it with charm and safety. After all, there will be none of the bends and tears that a condom endures when carried in a wallet or a pocket.

This is a terrific gift to yourself or someone else, because it comes with an attractive gift bag and a note saying that 5% of the profits go to AIDS-related and women’s health charities.

You can see what it looks like in its various colours: red, gold, silver, pink and lime or read more in When Did Condoms Become a Girl’s Business.


  • Discreet condom holder and mirror
  • Light weight acrylic case
  •  Two compartments with separate access points
  •  Exact fit of regular square condom
  •  Five colours: red, gold, silver, pink and lime
  •  Size: 67ml (2.6”) by 64ml (2.5”) and 23ml (0.8”) deep



  •  Discreet
  •  Protects condom wrappers from wear and tear
  •  Very important safe sex and empowerment messages
  •  No-mistakes closure clips
  •  Can be used to safely protect other small objects
  • Encourages safe sex



  •  Does not easily fit non-standard packaged condoms
  •  Availability is currently limited to high-end stores and the internet


Dinah Rates      

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