Joyballs Secret Review

What are they?” is the most common initial response to seeing the Joyballs, or other Ben Wa-type balls, for that matter. Yes, anyone can tell they are balls meant to be inserted somewhere, but most people are at least a bit confused about why.

The best reason to try out Joyballs Secret is because they are foremost equipment to strengthen those pelvic floor muscles (translation: vaginal muscles). The second reason is the fun of having weighted balls inside, but this is not every girl’s idea of entertainment.

An internal weight inside each ball makes them giggle around when you move, particularly when moving up and down. Suddenly the stairs aren’t such a bad idea, eh? It creates a sort of a crude vibration feeling, but keep in mind that vibrations are better suited to the external parts than to the depths of the vagina, at least for most women. You also have little control over how powerful the vibrations are and exactly where they are directed. The idea, though, of walking around with secret balls inside you is probably the biggest thrill of all. Well, that and the incredible stimulation they initiate if the feeling is good for the wearer. Once removed, she is likely to be ready for something more…

On the training level, the balls do a sort of massage to the vaginal muscles, but their real value is in drawing attention to the pelvic floor muscle group, which is all those ring muscles in the area. By squeezing, releasing and controlling her muscles, the wearer tones and strengthens them. Although women can work these muscles without balls or other aids, (see Kegel exercises), some women prefer to have the instant feedback of pressing against something. These Kegels are great for women after birth particularly, but everyone should do them to improve their sexual sensations and to prevent urinary incontinence when they get older.

The shape of the balls is smart. The two egg-shaped balls face different directions with the first ball placed so that the narrow end faces upwards and the second ball placed so that the narrow end faces downwards. This means that insertion is gentle and gradual, and so is the removal.

The black ball holder is highly flexible but strong. You can twist it, stretch it and abuse it, but it retains its shape with proper German discipline. This is particularly important for the bottom end which is the retrieval loop. The hooked loop straightens out when you hold it for insertion and bounces back into its curved shape to sit tucked away inside the vagina. But this ingenious loop is waiting there at the vagina entrance ready for a simple and intuitive hook and pull, so it comes out without a problem. This soft retrieval hook is much simpler than those strings used on other Ben Wa Ball sets, even when the string remains outside of the vagina; these external strings on the older products are generally irritating to the sensitive vaginal lips and are not always easy to hook a finger into when it comes to pulling them out.

The covering is not silicone as it may appear, but a silky material called silkomed which feels very similar. This may not be as hardy as silicone but it has the advantage of being suitable to all kinds of lubricants – water-based, oil-based or silicone. It is tested and certainly safe for internal use.



  • Pair of insertible balls with internal weights
  • Attached by a flexible grip and holder
  • Used to strengthen pelvic floor muscles
  • Covered with smooth silkomed
  • Integrated loop for retrieval
  • Comes in 6 colour choices: black, red, ink, purple, blue and green
  • Weight: 85g (3oz.)
  • Dermatologically and clinically tested
  • Waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic and latex-free
  • Detailed instruction manual included
  • Included a satin bag for storage
  • Lubricant sample included
  • Made in Germany



  • Shaped for easy insertion
  • All lubricants can be used
  • Smooth texture feels natural
  • Easy to clean
  • Wearing can be pleasurable



  • More expensive than most Ben Wa balls
  • One size, may not be optimal for all users
  • Movement is not constant or strong


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One comment on “Joyballs Secret Review

  1. balsy palsy on said:

    Not sure that “proper German discipline” is a PC thing to say, but lets be honest, when selecting a pair of balls to put in my puny, i’ll go for German engineering over the others any day

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