Jopen Intensity Vibrator Review

Just when you thought that the latest vibrators could already do everything short of taking out the garbage, along comes something entirely novel. Intensity is an appropriate name for what this device gets up to.

It is a bulky instrument, as far as vibrators go, but when you lie back and get into action, you’ll understand why it is that the productive areas are so scrawny, whereas the grip area appears disproportionately large.

The handle is a real multi-tasker, and an ergonomically-wise one at that. When the head is inserted into your vagina and the rabbit finger reaches over to the clitoris, you can easily maneuver the three functions – the vibrating finger, the expanding shaft and the electric pulses – without having to adjust your hand from its comfortable grip.

Vibrating rabbit-like fingers are quite a standard today. The slim arm gives out fast vibrations in 5 speeds, all without making a noise. Only on the two highest speeds can you hear a faint hum. When the shaft is well-inserted, the rabbit arm can massage the clit. It is flexible so you can push it against the body for a more intense massage or move it sideways for variety. If you feel like some clitoral stimulation without the hassle of insertion, the Intensity can be held backwards so that the rabbit arm is held against the clit; it works just as well as when it is inserted.

Next is the inflatable shaft. This odd looking head has two deep folds. When you pump the bulging area on the handle, the folds engorge and the shaft assumes a fuller body. It is best to insert it deflated and inflate when it is in position so that it gives you the ultimate girth for your preference. It expands significantly in all directions, so that it goes from slimmer than average (approx. 11cm circumference) to larger than average (approx. 16cm circumference) and everything in between. It deflates instantly with a simple touch of the black button, which sits just above the pump area.

The real innovation of the Intensity is the electro-stimulation. Two silver electrode pads placed towards the top of the shaft provide electrical stimulation to the pelvic floor muscles through the vagina. Electrical stimulation is one of the ways of toning these ever-important muscles that keep the vagina tight, hold the pelvic organs in place and hold incontinence at bay. Some experts will say that electrical stimulation is only for specific circumstances, but if not misused, it can’t do any harm; like Kegel exercises, it draws blood into the pelvic muscles and tissue, giving the muscles a workout and helping with healing after trauma (birth, surgery). Most pelvic floor physical therapists, though, will tell you that this cannot replace active Kegel exercises; this is not an alternative to Kegels, but it is a tempting work-out partner for those of us who need some alluring and it certainly is great amusement.

For effective use of the electrical stimulation function, the shaft should be inserted at different depths, particularly close to the entrance area. For some general knowledge on sexual health and PC muscle exercising, JOPEN, the company that makes the Intensity, has produced a few pages at

Now, tightening and toning of the muscles is not the only point of clenching those internal muscles. Good PC muscles will improve the capacity for and quality of your orgasm. While you cannot tell how toned your muscles are getting (without the help of biofeedback or some form of internal measurement electrode), you may be able to feel the added power in your orgasm after just a few electric waves. The impact is really remarkable, it simply engorges you so effectively that you can either switch off the electrodes and continue with the vibrator or remove the whole system and continue with solo or couple sex and feel the difference.

One issue I had with the Intensity is its intensity. The electro-stimulation should not be very noticeable if it is started slowly and if you are prepared for it, but it is easy to get ahead of yourself, starting at a medium or high frequency and then the feeling can be quite jolting. Keep in mind that the electrical waves do not shoot out immediately, so you can easily leave your finger on the button for a few seconds as you wait for it to begin, and then BOOM.

A few little red lights tell you if the machine is on and if the electrodes are working. The light shows you how strong the electric pulses are, which you may not be able to accurately feel inside you, until they become uncomfortable. The lights are easily visible when the device is inserted.

Silicone is always a preferable surface material for vibrators. It is strong and hygienic. This is not one of those silky-feeling silicones, but it is pleasant to the feel and has a skin-like quality to it. Remember that you should stay away from silicone-based or oil-based lubricants with a silicone-covered device, because they can destroy the integrity of the surface. When cleaning, it is necessary to inflate the shaft and it should be completely dry before deflation, otherwise you will not reach the depths of the folds, which can easily collect dirt.


  • Dual-action vibrator
  • Partially rabbit-styled
  • Designed for clitoral, vaginal and G-spot stimulation and PC muscle toning
  • High grade silicone
  • Ergonomic design
  • 10 levels of Electro-Stimulation for PC muscles (patent pending)
  • 5 speeds of clitoral and G-spot stimulation
  • Inflatable shaft
  • Pastel violet coloured
  • Full length: 304 mm (12”)
  • Uses 4 AAA batteries
  • Lights indicate when electrode in working and at what strength
  • Comes with 2 Oz. tube of electrode gel
  • Includes instruction pamphlet
  • Further sexual health info made available at


  • Improves pelvic floor muscle tone
  • Offers wide range of girth possibilities
  • Quiet
  • Flexible clitoral finger
  • Powerful
  • Can easily to managed while inserted
  • Silicone is safe and strong
  • Instant on-off and deflation functions


  • Expensive
  • Strong electric pulses can be alarming
  • Better explanation should be provided for electrical stimulation use
  • Electrodes might be too high if fully inserted


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