Japanese Silk Love Rope Plaited Flogger

If, like Madonna, you think there is “nothing like a good spanky”, but you “don’t wanna cry”, the soft and silky hemp of Japanese Silk Love Rope also comes styled as a plaited flogger. It is great for role playing if you want to act mean but not be mean.

The size is huge and menacing, but the colour and silkiness soften the tough impression. You have a tightly bound handle which holds together many plaited strips which look like coloured rope but are really just smooth, braided hemp. Sure, you can get a substantial whip out of it if you access force, but this is not really a flogger meant to teach your sub a serious lesson; it is too playful. In fact, the bottom half of the flogger is not plaited but left flowing, so it can well be used to tickle and taunt in a gentle way that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with flogs.

The sprightly purple colour is very much more inviting for newbies than the harsh black alternative. There is also a bright red version, which is really a matter of taste – some would say its sexy, others that its too much, being that red and black are the traditionally harsher kink colours.

If your flogger gets dirty in the line of duty, it can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth. Just go in one direction so as not to cause tangling on the open threads. And be gentle to minimize the unraveling of the braided area, which may happen anyway over time and with use.

The 60mm (2.4”) metal ring on the end can be used to store carefully in hanging position so that it doesn’t get knotted or untangled. You can remove the ring during use if it gets in the way or if you want to hook the flogger onto something other than the ring.

It is a pity that the manufacturers did not include some basic instructions for use, especially considering that they are aiming in part to a novice clientele. If you do plan to get into BDSM play, remember to define the rules of engagement first.

Other toys and sets made of Japanese Silk Love Rope include the Hog Tie, the Blindfold and Cuff Set and the 3 meter rope.


    • Plaited rope-like whip
    • Rope made with hemp
    • Soft, silky feel
    • Comes in bright purple, red and black
    • Designed for gentle BDSM play
    • Removable metal ring for storage and handling
    • Total length: 54cm (21.25”)
    • Part of the Japanese Love Rope series



    • Easy introduction to domination or kinky role play
    • Strong but soft
    • Suitable for beginners and experienced players
    • Sexy and fun colour
    • Will not mark or hurt
    • Easy to wipe clean



    • No instructions provided for safe play
    • Size may make it indiscreet
    • Plaits gets unraveled over time


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