The Week Our Clits Went International

Who shouted “clitoris” and did not feel the earth move?

We so-called Western women have many common sexual problems. Some of us cannot manage penetration, or genital touch for that matter; some of us don’t know that it is quite normal not to have vaginal orgasms and spend their lives frustratedly working at it; some of us have bad relationships and do not relax enough to orgasm; yet others have not specialized the correct stimulation necessary or dare not go for it and buy themselves a vibrator. Most of us have some level or periods of low desire.

And then there are those millions of sisters, mostly in Africa and the Arabian peninsula, who have had their genitals purposefully mutilated based on a tradition of fear. I’d hate to ruin a good orgasm for anybody, but those of us who are privileged enough to worry about boosting our desire because we cannot find the time or energy to experience chains of orgasms like once, should take the time to understand and contribute a voice against  female genital mutilation (FGM).

It is not just another marginal phenomenon deserving cultural understanding. This previously unspoken tradition mutilates, infects and tortures millions of female babies and girls every year. Some do not survive the challenge of overcoming infection in horribly unsanitary conditions. And for what? Because it is said to be the proper way to bring up a girl. So that they won’t grow up to be licentious like us terrible, sexualized, Western women. Ugh.

An amazing group of people based in Las Vegas, working through the organization, Clitoraid,  have gone ahead and organized International Clitoris Week. When? Right now – the 5th through the 12th May. Are you feeling it?

Sure, there is a growing movement of individuals, physicians, women’s health activists and caring individuals who have been speaking out and raising awareness about FGM. Clitoraid is going the whole nine yards and funding surgical crews in Africa who are repairing clitorises and restoring some sexual health to the fraction of women who they manage to reach. Hopefully their message will be excising some of the fear from the communities so adamant to keep women below their intrinsic potential.

Clitoraid is currently building a hospital, being called the Pleasure Hospital, in Burkina Faso. This is a good time to mention that they will be more than happy to accept donations  to complete the hospital and continue their heroic work. Because anyone who knows good sex knows that giving an orgasm can be as enjoyable as getting one.


One comment on “The Week Our Clits Went International

  1. Daphne from York on said:

    Awesome! The campaign, not the FGM.

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