HPV on my WHAT?

Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine are having a bit too much fun with their research grants. They have been supplying participants in their study with not one but TWO vibrators, all in the name of science, of course.

In a bold study, from the university that brought us Kinsey, we have been shown that sex toys can carry HPV  (human papillomavirus). Interestingly, the virus is still detectable to a lesser degree after cleaning, and in some cases even 24 hours after cleaning. Wow. And they said that using sex toys was safe sex.

Its worth noting that each subject used both a silicone and an elastomer (that’s the pseudo-silicone, soft plastic kind that looks as good, but isn’t). The virus is more prevalent on the elastomer vibes and it hangs around longer. No comments were published on which was more fun, but considering the fact that they had to collect their own swabs to look for STI’s immediately after orgasming, I’m guessing the fun began when they got to take their two new friends home.

I suppose the point is that expensive (silicone) is simply better all round than cheap (plastic). Or maybe the point is that the HPV vaccine lobby is willing to go to great lengths (and depths) to advertise, publicize and evangelize.

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