How Good is Vaginal Juice?

Trying to define the taste and benefits of a woman’s juices is not so different from trying to characterize and qualify apple juice. It depends on what apples you use, how you serve it and, in the end, if you like the eating apples.

By vaginal juice, we refer to the secretion created in the vagina when a woman is sexually aroused. It is also known as vaginal lubrication, love juice and drops of Jupiter. As a woman gets turned on, blood rushes to her vulva and the walls of the vagina “sweat” out a smooth liquid, which serves the sexual act, whether it involves penetration or not.

About the Taste

The taste of vaginal fluid is savoury with individual flavouring. It doesn’t – it certainly shouldn’t – taste like fruit, or any other item on a menu. It tastes like vulva.

The taste will be affected by a woman’s diet, by sweating and hydration, and often by whatever (wanted and unwanted) bacterial, viral or fungal agents are residing in the vagina. But in the end, her taste, like her smell, will be a function of her constitution. Smell is related to attraction – either you want it or you don’t. Just don’t dismiss it too soon, because it really is an acquired taste.

Vaginal secretion is not the same as female ejaculation, which you can read about here.

About the Health Benefits

There are heaps of articles and books about vaginal dryness, but there is very little on vaginal wetness, at least of the natural kind.

This is because there is no accessible research on the constitution of said wetness whatsoever, unless that wetness is “off”. Studies have found the causes of bad smell, of discharge and of lubrication problems, but there is nothing to be found on why good secretion is good, and whether it could make a positive addition to a lover’s diet.

Just to compare, we know everything there is to know about male “wetness” or ejaculate. We know what food groups are contained, how digesting it affects the body and even how many calories it contains; everything a girl would need to know in order to take a well-informed and enthusiastic plunge. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that what is missing here is a fair trade, a drive to enable sexual mores to serve all the partakers.

It is not too difficult to do the gender maths. Male scientists have until recently been the ones wearing the lab coats and the ones who controlled the research agenda. Isn’t it time that the ladies in white (no, I don’t mean the virgins) started to ask the pertinent questions?

Indeed, the details of female sexual response are physiologically a bit more challenging to study, but they are definitely no more daring or awkward than testing the food groups represented in semen. Please take this as a call for action from the curious public, with a healthy interest the details of sex, to go out and find the answer to our question, “How good is vaginal juice?” (Researchers, you are welcome to rephrase the question if this increases the chances of getting the research funded).

It would be nice if science could get back to us with an answer that girlie fluid does wonders for your health and vitality, increases longevity, improves skin texture, or any of the other claims made of the male equivalent. If nature has any egalitarian spirit, then it would make sense that a lot of these claims would check out.

7 comments on “How Good is Vaginal Juice?

  1. During sex, when my boyfriend lickes my pussy, the excitement makes me pee heavily and he will scream and suck drink the pee. What I need to know, is the pee healthy for his health and what’s the benefit?

  2. Goitsemodimo Morakile on said:

    I’ve not tried yet,but Will expetment

  3. Does this fluid makes male sexual organ stronger?

  4. Ravi on said:

    Hi I have sex with my girlfriend I licked her pussy a fluid came it’s good for health or not but I liked the fluid that comes form her pussy I drinked its any problems can be come from it

  5. Adam Sanchez on said:

    I like vibrators

  6. bonobojean on said:

    V-Juice is nutritional and tasty. I have been supplementing my daily intake for over 50 years and I have always had firm, supple skin.

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