What Can be Done about Vestibulitis?

When a woman has a lighter case of vestibulitis, cream can be prescribed and applied topically. This simply reduces the general sensitivity around the vestibular area. Steroid creams such as zinc oxide creams sometimes clear up the symptoms wouldn’t necessarily cure the problem at the root.

For a more severe case, there is a medication called amitriptyline, which works by adjusting the hyper-sensitivity of the pain receptors on the nerve-endings. This is a drug used for chronic pain in different places in the body and as such has more side effects.

Physiotherapy (physical therapy) with a therapist who specializes in pelvic floor treatment can provide much needed relief as long as the client is willing to practice regular pelvic floor exercises.

If the vestibulitis does not respond to medication and exercise, there is a surgical option which involves removing some of the hyper-sensitive nerve tissue. Surgery should always be considered a last option, after extensive discussion with a gynecological surgeon.

Day-to-day management of vulvar vestibulitis means staying away from anything that might cause some irritation of the vulva. That includes soaps or so-called “intimate products” with any scent. It is probably safest to stay away from them completely and wash with clean water only.

Showering is better than bathing or other soaking, because it is gentler and avoids engorgement of the skin.

Avoid wearing tight pants that preclude air flow (such as skin-tight jeans) and stick to cotton underwear. Do the washing of underwear without fabric conditioners because the scent can cause irritation.

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