Having Moore Sex on Holiday

Let’s face it – we all have more sex on holiday. Whether we’re there with a spouse, a boy/girlfriend or single, we get more action in a week of vacation than in a month on our home turf. I’m not working for the Tourism Board either, it’s just the way our minds work. Have hotel room, will mess the sheets.

Now, if we mere mortals can get more somethin’ somethin’ when we hit the seaside, you can be sure that Demi Moore can get a whole lot of it. She’s gorgeous, she’s newly single and she’s saying “I’m in room XYZ”.Why every tabloid and celeb blogger has to refer to her “sexy Mexican trip” is more about their prudishness than anything else.

Since I’ve already lapsed into cheap gossip, I’ll mention that it was just 7 months ago that the same yellow sources were reporting that Demi and Ashton were heading for a sex-free vacation, on the advice of their Kabbalah teacher, in order to attempt saving their marriage. Well, apparently sex-free vacations don’t work all that well. Sex-full vacations, on the other hand, leave one feeling and looking mighty fine. The photos will confirm this.

And now a public service announcement to add some value to this otherwise bikini-news tidbit. Here’s a retroactive reminder to Demi and a timely one to all the readers who are already checking out beach deals online: don’t forget to use condoms, even if you’re 50, doing it underwater and ending it with a sun salutation.

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