Hard Words, Soft Libidos

Magic pills for sex…. people have been shoving foods, beverages and non-Spanish beetles down our throats for centuries, in the hopes that something would work. Enter colossal irony: it is now uninformed women’s organizations in the US that are trying to do just that.

As they point out, there are 24 drugs approved for male sexual dysfunction – from viagra to testosterone replacement – but there are approximately… none for women! So some influential females and women’s lobbies have chalked it  up to chauvinism.

Here’s the bottom line:  if female libido was possible to dazzle with a little pink pill, one of the multitude of expensive attempts to do so would have worked. Because the economic incentive is staggering, and there are a thousand versions of real and fake male pills to prove that. There reason that there is no pill approved for women is not that anyone at the FDA wants to keep women sexually subdued, but because all attempts so far have been ineffective.

Of course, I know that they are looking in the wrong directions. Enough trying to dose us with testosterone, hyper-lubricate us with increased bloodflow or manipulate our state of mind. Just figure out how to get a pill to get our housework done, handle our children responsibly, clear our minds of the layers of  stressors, remove our fatigue and boom! Easy as store-baked pie. 

And once that’s figured out, we could look for a magic pill that downloads a lifetime of good sex education, another that cures the residues of sexual abuse and harassment and some fairy dust to clear up the pain and dryness caused by over-treatment, under-treatment and misdiagnosis of those doctors who love fertility but hate dealing with sex.

We have so much work to do to put female sexuality in a better place, but magic solutions are for Disney and glossy magazines. This is real life. Hard, but sometimes not hard enough.

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