Foxy Toyfriend Vibrator Review

The cool cousin of the lipstick vibe just showed up in town and she is amazing. This tiny vibrator, not much larger than a woman’s thumb, is the pink member of the new family of Toyfriends which recently joined the Tickler collection.

The deep pink silicone top meshes perfectly with smooth white hard plastic base to give you a fine piece of style and function. The silicone top provides a realistic and high-quality sensual experience, while the bottom allows the toy to be produced economically without losing any of its strengths. Together, the lipstick look makes it playful and discreet, which is a major benefit for first timers or ladies who want a clitoral toy that won’t be difficult to stash or carry wherever you go.

The Foxy Toyfriend uses a single AAA battery so it remains super lightweight when the is in place, but also gives a fast buzz that shouldn’t leave anyone wanting. If it is too powerful, you can always place it further away from the centre of the clitoris or use it over underwear.

The angles of the head are useful for varying your micro massage: the flat surface or the length of the red top can give stronger pressure to a flat area, whereas the edge can allow you to tickle very specific spots.

The plastic handle means that there is very little finger buzz felt on your hand when holding it, which is a rare treat for such a petite toy.

The only functional drawback is that there is only one speed. Although, as mentioned earlier, there are many techniques to increase and decrease the strength of the vibrations felt on the hotspots.

The idea of these tiny little friends is that they give you high quality machines at a great price, so they are attractive for novices and also make great gifts because they are rather unassuming. The packaging is minimalistic: it comes in a really small, neat box making it easy to transport and super discreet.

Finally, the waterproofing is something that you wouldn’t know to be necessary until you’ve had it. It means you can take it into the shower or just use it without worrying about lube getting into the crevices. It is especially helpful with such a tiny device when it is being washed, you can run it under water, cleaning it in seconds and not have to watch out for water damage.



  • Small vibrator
  • Designed for clitoral stimulation
  • Medical Silicone with hard ABS plastic
  • Deep pink and white
  • Single speed
  • Waterproof
  • Length: 90mm (3.5”)
  • Uses 1 AAA battery
  • Part of the Toyfriends collection by Tickler



  • Economical
  • Discreet
  • Luxurious silicone
  • Powerful
  • Unique design
  • Light weight
  • Quiet
  • Good gift for starters



  • Only one speed


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