Finding Indicators of Penis Size

There is a lot of conventional wisdom about the relationship between visible body parts and penis size. More accurately, the notion is that feet, hands or noses suggest the length of the penis, so the astute observer should be able to make the measure before actually diving in and testing the waters.

Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but this is all a big myth, obviously started by some men with sizeable outer appendages. It does seem logical that proportion should exist between different parts of the human body, after all, if you made the basketball squad, you can generally get your hands around the ball, and if you are in the rugby pack, you are usually not going to get a neck chain that fits. But when it comes to the predictive value of this system, the statistics show that it just doesn’t work.

Research carried out at the University of Chicago (2002) showed that there is no evidence of a relationship between the size of a guy’s shoes and his penis. This means, in simple terms, that although proportion may be the case with some men, we cannot count on shoe size being a predictor of what lies under the pants, because chances of being disappointed, or alternatively, of being pleasantly surprised, are too high to bank on. So for all those men who are considering ways of padding up oversized shoes (ladies, does this sound familiar from somewhere?) you can call off the plans.

The American researchers of the Chicago study were content that their findings are the final word on this wide-spread untruth, but as it happens, some British researchers felt convinced that there is some truth to it, and they were out to find it. Testing correlations between penises and noses, fingers or other more visible parts, nothing of value has been discovered and in all likelihood, it never will be.

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