Hi, I’ve always wondered how and where can I find the video tutorials you post? I think I’m the only one who can’t see it though I always find the instructions that can be read.

Hello, we’re very sorry if you’re having troubles finding the video tutorials here. If you already visited the ‘tutorials’ section and still cannot find the videos, we suggest you refresh the page or close it and open it after a while. Sometimes you just need to do a little trouble shoot or the page had a little problem but we made sure to fix it now. It’s sometimes because of the internet connection too so please make sure that you have a stable connection to see the videos fast. Kindly check again if it works now for you but if not, you can give us a message anytime and we’ll send more help.

I’ve been planning to visit your shops personally in Nevada but I have no idea where your branches are. Can you tell me where to find them?

Thank you for planning to visit our shops in Nevada. About the branches, we have a few and we don’t know which you’d like to go to or if they are near you but you can check the locations in this website. Find the location section and see for yourself the branch that is located near you.

Can I ask if the shipping fee and the prices of the items you sell are already added to the product costing? Do you have fast deliveries?

Yes, the shipping fee and the price of the items are already summed up together. Our deliveries are quite fast and reliable too especially if your area is just here in Nevada but regardless of you location, we make sure to deliver the items to our customers and clients fast.