Exposing Female Ejaculation

Many doctors and researchers have blown it off as a myth, but the fact is that women can ejaculate. Although the jury is still out on some of the details of female ejaculation, we know that it occurs spontaneously in certain women and some of the others can learn to do it. Unlike male ejaculation, it is not a basic part of the act, but rather one form of sexual pleasure.

Ejaculation occurs before, during and after what is known as a G-spot orgasm, when the area of the G-spot is aroused. This is different to a “regular” orgasm (if we dare call an orgasm regular!) which is reached by stimulating the clitoris. Not all women who experience G-spot orgasms will ejaculate, but those who do should know that it is perfectly natural, and even more common than previously thought.

What exactly is female ejaculate?

The liquid is mostly fluid from the bladder, but it is not urine (the urea content is very low), along with secretions from the vagina and a small amount of milky fluid from the Skene glands. The colour is almost clear and the there is generally a very slight odor, but this changes according to the menstrual cycle.

It cannot be compared to male ejaculate which is produced in the prostate gland and testes, and has the specific job of carrying sperm into the female.

The amount of fluid released varies from woman to woman, from a teaspoon or two, to a few cups. Since it is water-like in texture, this amount can make quite an impression.

Before ejaculation, there is usually a feeling of pressure on the bladder, as if there is a need to urinate. This can cause confusion, leading someone to believe that they may have lost control of their bladder, and even causing them to hold themselves back from orgasm.

The volume of fluid that produced is not a measure of how much pleasure the woman experiences.

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8 comments on “Exposing Female Ejaculation

  1. Random on said:

    I am a man who enjoys going down on his woman. I know where her G-spot is, and can hit it easily either with my fingers or through sexual intercourse. But, the most effective way to get her to ejaculate is through Oral sex. I tend to focus a lot on the clitoris during the act. The G-spot is largely ignored becuase my toungue isn’t nearly long enough. Why is she able to ejaculate without G-spot stimulation but rather with Clitoral stimulation?

    • Those few women who manage to ejaculate do so due to intense G-spot stimulation. We don’t know why, that’s just the way it is. Nothing fantastic comes easily. Certainly not where sex is concerned.

  2. Clitwizard on said:

    Update, this squirting thing has now become a fun and erotic way to incorporate food into our play. Just yesterday she brought a bowl of fresh strawberries and blueberries into the bedroom, then masturbated and squirted her juice into the bowl. I knew what she had in mind. We fed them to each other while we made love, giving both of us very intense orgasms. Delicious, nutritious and hot as hell. Last night she told her gal pal all about it and how we will try it again with my cum in the mix. We’re both looking forward it. mmmmmmm!

  3. clitwizard on said:

    In the past week I’ve been in a sexual relationship with a woman that ejaculates copious amounts when she orgasms. At first she was embarrassed until I assured her it was a turn on having her squirt all over me and into my mouth. What I’ve discovered is my skin looks and feels healthier after receiving a “candy rain” shower and leaving it on my skin. We do have to change the bed linens frequently but it’ more than worth it. She now very comfortable and happy with cumming all over me, knowing I’ll gladly drink from her fountain of youth. Stay thirsty my friends.

  4. panty dropper, Usa on said:

    Dude jus eat it its delish!!!

  5. plop88, Plovdiv on said:

    I haven’t tasted a pussy yet. When i get an opportunity to do it, i would love to taste the girl’s pussy, but i fear a little bit to taste the juices, though i want to. Can someone help me about it?

  6. sexpert, Wisconsin on said:

    Indeed there are two different “ejculates” if you will. Having induced hundreds of G-spot orgasms in my wife throughout the years, she has squirt the more urine-like fluid and also cummed cum from inside her vagina. I call the first urine-like because it doesn’t seem to contain much ureah (sp?) is more clear and a little slipperyer than urine. The other ejaculate I can express, for lack of a better word, by fingering her g-spot and using my middle and second finger knuckles to pinch her cervix. She cums a white substance that looks like semen, or more like Elmer’s glue. It tastes bitter, yet tangy and weirdly mellowing to the whole inside of your mouth. Now this wouldn’t be from the Skene glands as you indicate since this is on my fingers from deep inside her vagina, not from her urethra.

  7. Anon, Canada on said:

    Just as men can get pain (blue balls) from approaching ejaculation and not releasing, can women also feel this pain? As we’re less inclined to release in fear of urination, can the lack of release cause pain and a faux-feeling of needing to urinate?

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