Ego E3 Penis Ring review

The idea of vibrating penis rings is a worthy one but so often, in their attempts to please both the users, they please neither. And then arrives the Ego e3, fresh in its design and unassumingly better than the rest. Here is a penis ring with smooth silicone and a lot of stretch to make it fit comfortably on the man, and a lavish fan to make it reach the woman’s clitoris with more than a mere tickle. It makes you wonder why no-one thought about fanning out sooner.

Coming in a regal blue, the Ego e3 appears all the more manly, but let’s be honest, notwithstanding all the fun he’ll be having, this is a great vibrator for a woman. It is designed, of course, to be worn during intercourse, but it can also easily be held or worn around the fingers. For the well coordinated partner, I’d suggest you try wearing it on the chin, but the buzz could drive you mad.

The ring carries a lot of the vibrations. This is the idea of a vibrating penis ring: to give the yielder pleasure. So this buzzing will be greatly appreciated when worn on the penis, but it is quite strong when held elsewhere. While it is possible to use it as a hand-held vibrator, I would recommend that you place it around a tube or a roll of sorts, which will absorb most of the ring’s vibrations and allow you to enjoy the vibes where you really want them. 

The design is not only effective, but also discreet. The shell-like ridges on the fan give a lot of pleasure when it is rubbed along a skin surface and the slight flexibility will allow you to reach very specific pleasure spots.

Did I mention that it was rechargeable? Eco-friendly rechargeable vibes are lightweight, powerful and save the nuisance and the carbon-excess of batteries. In this case it is recharged via USB so power is available practically everywhere, unless you do not have somewhat private access to a computer or other USB point. Girls, this is a huge novelty selling point for men who need an extra push to try out a sex toy – it can pass as a techie toy.

As far as the functionality side goes, there is nothing to discredit. The e3 has a simple, single button on the tip of the fan, completely covered by the silicone layer so you will have no problem with rough edges or hygiene. A single push switches it on or off, and a long push incrementally increases the power. When pushed for a few seconds, it really produces a powerful buzz, I’d say more than necessary for most ladies.

Silicone can take on heat and cold, and being waterproof, you can dip it in hot or cold water before use for extra sensation, making this little device highly versatile.


  • Vibrating penis ring
  • Designed for couple’s use during intercourse
  • Smooth silicone covering
  • Comes in royal blue
  • Flexible ring
  • Multispeed
  • Water proof
  • Length x breadth: 63mm x 75mm (2.5” x 3″)
  • Rechargeable via USB cord
  • Includes a black satin storage bag
  • Security travel lock
  • Stylishly packaging
  • Part of the high-end Jopen Ego series of penis rings



  • Very quiet
  • Fun and discreet shape
  • High quality silicone feels great
  • Good range of strengths
  • Instantaneous on-off abilities
  • Non-threatening to new users
  • Scent-free and hypoallergenic
  • Silicone is safe for extended use on the skin



  • Strong vibrations in ring are not comfortable for extended hand-held use
  • USB recharging may be problem for some users


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